Join us in a live and exclusive mastermind with the world's top Amazon sellers generating billions of dollars in Amazon sales annually

MAY 3 - 5, 2022

Châteaux de Mello, Paris

Limited Time Opportunity


Wear the Crown

Join the elite few 9 figure sellers, responsible for over $5 BILLION in annual revenue at the Le Grand Mello, a historic castle nestled in the sprawling French countryside, and learn more about the tactics and strategies that will help you conquer the Amazon landscape.

May 3 - 5, 2021
Châteaux de Mello, Paris


Data as of December 2021

Be part of the ELITE SELLER SOCIETY as you are destined to be

The gatekeepers are allowing you access to Howard Thai’s royal network of the world’s top Amazon sellers and experts who will unveil their best-kept strategies and 100% PROVEN system for growing and scaling your Amazon businesses in this 3-day mastermind.



Community. Training. Innovation

Fit for Kings and Queens

Not all are crowned, the Elite.  

If you join this mastermind you get these royal privileges:

  • Event pass to the 3-day Elite Seller Society Mastermind
  • 4-night stay in the luxurious Le Grand Mello, France
  • All-inclusive Food and Drinks

At the mastermind, you will be handed the key to the successful launching, scaling and growing of your Amazon businesses.

Experience these acts of valor from our royal network, the Elite Seller Society, as they help you uncover new Amazon External Traffic Strategies that they share to only a few.

Get Hold of Your Future


until January 31, 2022
(Prices will increase thereafter)

Enjoy these bonuses

The royalty deserves more.  

We offer you these additional bonuses on top of your royal privileges:

*BONUS 1* -  Tik Tok Ads Managed Service For One Month
*BONUS 2* - DSP Service with no set-up fees
*BONUS 3* - 15 Signalytics P.F.R. Reports
*BONUS 4* - 100% PERSONALIZED Coaching
*BONUS 5* - 12 Months Free of E.S.S.
*BONUS 6* - Micro Influencer Submission

More than $20K in value

That, and more prizes await you.

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Hear what previous attendees have to say about their experience and the value they gained in joining an Elite Seller’s Society Mastermind


  Prizes are at stake for the best of the best



$20,000 US Dollars



$10,000 US Dollars


Learn from these valiant heroes as they share proven strategies, effective tactics and actionable advices for a wide range of Amazon and e-commerce topics
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We would like to thank our sponsors for believing in our cause in helping others grow their Amazon businesses



Châteaux de Mello
Route de Clermont, Mello, Paris Area 60660, France

LOCATION: Paris, France

You’re invited to the majestic Le Grand Mello castle, surrounded by lush greenery that provides a relaxing environment for you to plan for your success. The greatest tactical secrets of Selling on Amazon ever discovered will be revealed and networking between the Elite royalty will take place.

WARNING: This Mastermind is NOT for everyone. This is only for ambitious action takers who are ready to apply proven systems and sales boosting strategies to take your business to massive success. This is Also An Expensive Event for High Level Entrepreneurs! If you are not willing to do the work and put in the investment, DO NOT apply for this mastermind – you will not be accepted.


To Learn More About Attendee Bonuses and Prizes, continue reading below.

To the few fearless entrepreneurs that know they have royalty in them, 

To you future kings and queens, it is time to recognize the royalty resides within each and every one of you.

You know deep down that you are destined for greatness. If you didn’t believe that then you wouldn’t be here. Accepting that fact, ask yourselves: what is holding you back from growing your business and sales exponentially in just 180 days? What is stopping you from living the life fit for royalty?

Whatever struggles or obstacles in your way, they don’t have to hold you back anymore.

If you are here and interested in succeeding, then I know the royalty in you cannot be held back.

Inviting the smart, the talented, and the gifted to the Le Grand Mello castle in France is not meant to just show what is possible.

It is a homecoming invitation for those who have a REAL desire to succeed, with the hopes of awakening the true royalty in you and showing you where you are meant to be all along.

If you have what it takes to push your business, income, and lifestyle to the next level, seize this amazing opportunity now.

What is This Opportunity?

Before we get to that, let me tell you about the myth and true legend that is offering this opportunity and why it is all happening now.

The person I want to talk to you about is a man named Howard Thai. For many, he is known as, “The Professor of Amazon”.

He single-handedly led the revolution on using External Signals to rank and dominate page one rankings.

Howard began selling on Amazon in 2009 and quickly grew his store to a Seller’s Lifetime Rank in the top 100 on At one point, he had the 35th highest grossing revenue Seller Account in all of Amazon!

His current focus is on mastering external traffic, training and helping other Amazon sellers, and helping massive online retailers streamline their fulfillment and processes.

His success has spread throughout the land and he was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal!

BUT, what almost nobody knows about Howard is that he actually spearheaded and started a literal REVOLUTION just a few short years ago.

What did he do to start this “Revolution”?

He taught and trained other Chinese sellers on the tactics needed to succeed and DOMINATE the worldwide market of Amazon. He taught them external traffic techniques that no one else on the planet was using.

Now, if you’ve been spending significant time analyzing Amazon, you may have noticed how Chinese sellers have been dominating recently. That’s because they know some very important external traffic tactics and operational strategies that you don’t.

The truth is that Howard Thai is the Professor behind all of that!

How Exactly is Howard Able to Help His Clients and Mastermind Members Achieve These Results?

You see, Howard has created a movement and generated the entire launch lifecycle for new Amazon sellers. And he has been able to consistently achieve dramatic success with new sellers since 2014 and going into 2022.

Beyond that, he knows the strategies, software, systems, and tactics (that no one else will share) that generate INSANELY LUCRATIVE results!

With that said though, as with all information that holds such unique power, a certain level of caution must be applied.

Do you remember the days of Blackhat Amazon ranking strategies?

If not, there was once a time where you could rank ANY product for ANY keyword in just days.

This was the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of the “old Amazon days” until the strategies stopped working in 2016.

Why Did the Strategies Stop Working?

The reason these blackhat strategies stopped working was due to the lack of caution. The people using these strategies used it too often, revealing it to many people. 

In 2022, The Professor has discovered new advantages and techniques on Amazon. More than that, he has found a way to effectively manage and control these strategies. 

The solution? Simple. It is to reserve these life-changing strategies for the few deserving royal sellers. They are only to be revealed to a select few behind closed doors ONLY. 

Howard Thai gets incredible results for the most advanced sellers in the world, and he does this with meticulous caution.

Beyond that, he has the unique ability to likewise take your Amazon business to new levels you never thought possible. 

Extending the Opportunity to YOU

Howard and his friends are finally coming out of hiding…

…and they’re revealing EVERYTHING behind the closed doors of a luxurious castle so that you have the opportunity to learn EXACTLY what sellers from all around the world are using to crush it on Amazon!

They’re finally connecting the dots from all over the world, and I want you to be a part of this next revolution on Amazon.

And that’s why Howard is finally revealing Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind.

What is The Elite Seller Society?


Howard is revealing the EXACT System that he uses to Game Amazon’s A9 algorithm!

Beyond that, Howard is also bringing his SECRET WEAPON into business.

It comes in the form of twelve of his very close friends (which include several multi 8-figure sellers). Each of these marketers are going to share the deepest and most controversial secrets in all of Amazon and Paid Advertising. It is guaranteed to give you a complete UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in your Amazon business!

“If there’s one important thing I’ve learned during my journey as an Amazon Seller, it’s that making an obnoxious amount of money on Amazon is actually really easy!” – Howard Thai

According to Howard, once you know what the TOP 0.01% of sellers know and have access to the same systems they do (which are 100% automatable), you can finally start making a killing and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

And that’s exactly what he’s been working on for a long time with sellers from all around the world (from China to Romania) – getting the entire process organized and putting together an Automated System for crushing it on Amazon.

Now he wants to give you that exact same process.

The Amazon Seller’s BLUEPRINT of 2022!

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re invited to The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind, an Exclusive Mastermind, which combines the collective minds of Hundreds of Millions in Amazon sales into one room for you to ask ANYTHING!

You have to understand that Amazon is constantly changing, and it does so rapidly.

In fact, at this very moment, there are tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands of sellers – who have been completely devastated by these changes.

Many feel like they’re fighting a losing battle and are drowning in the competitive bloodbath of Amazon’s cut throat landscape.

Confused. Lost. Embarrassed. Many don’t know what to do with their Amazon businesses in these volatile times, and it can be very painful and stressful to adjust every time something changes.

If you’ve EVER felt even remotely like this, you’re not alone.

Fortunately for you, Howard is handing you his secret keys to beating Amazon on a silver platter so that you will not only survive, but THRIVE as an Amazon Seller. He’s outlined exactly what you need to do in today’s uncertain Amazon environment so that you can succeed too.

And he’s proven that the methods work…EVERY TIME!

Howard will be bridging the knowledge gap to sellers all around the world by sharing the unknown exclusive and underground tactics that the highest level sellers from China, United States, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Romania, Australia (and even more countries) are using to succeed in Amazon and live amazing lives today.

You’re in for a real treat!

Furthermore, The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind will be hosted in one of Europe’s most luxurious castles where you’ll be treated to the finest Mastermind experience you’ve ever had and could ever imagine.

Just imagine. On the evenings of May 2022, within the fantastical setting of our castle, you peek out across the battlements to see the starry sky, with each star a bright opportunity made available for you to succeed.

The night starts when you are treated to a luxurious welcome reception that congratulates your intelligent decision to make this powerful investment in yourself and your business. You connect with your fellow mastermind members and enjoy an open bar at the mansion. Heaven only knows what kind of secrets will be spilled.

After you grab a cocktail of your choice, you unwind and meet with your fellow Amazon Sellers. You experience intelligent collaborations and stimulating conversations with Howard, and the other sellers and speakers at the event.

In awe at the caliber of sellers now in YOUR inner circle, you can’t believe all of this is happening BEFORE the event even starts…

With all that has already happened, you can only begin to think about what will happen next.

After the welcome reception, you continue to mingle with your newfound friends and promising business associates until the night reaches its end.

You then retire to your quarters in the castle. It’s the most relaxing sleep you’ve had in a decade, and you’re excited to learn the secrets, strategies, and systems to be taught the following day.

You’ll be sleeping in a piece of history. And who knows? The things we will accomplish there only add to its legacy, as your success will be spawned and started amongst those very castle walls.

The next morning you wake ready to take on the day!

You walk through the large double doors and stoned floor of the castle to be greeted by your hosts and welcomed by a warm and delicious (yet healthy) breakfast.

After meeting some of the other attendees and settling in, the key-note speakers prepare to deliver content unheard anywhere else in the world.

The presentations begin while you’re treated to a 5-star experience, and you learn completely Mind Bending information… the kind of things you didn’t know that you didn’t know!

After a full day of Life-Altering and Business Changing intensive workshops that give you an unfair advantage over other sellers, the day of learning comes to an end and you get the opportunity to relax and reflect.

You once again make your way to the networking destination of choice to enjoy complimentary cocktails and talk with your fellow Elitist Amazon Sellers.

*YES… we will provide you with drinks and snacks so that your body is full and relaxed, and your mind is attentive to everything that you stand to learn. *

After discussing what you learned on your first day at the Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind, you decide to explore the European countryside and numerous destinations with some of the mastermind groups (most Major venues are only a few miles away from the castle).

After exploring some of the nightlife and networking with your fellow high-level sellers, you finally retire to your quarters at the castle and drift off to sleep, recapping the Miracle secrets that were exposed to you.

The next day, you return to learn even more!

At the heart of it all are the support and the hospitality of the staff and the hosts. It serves as the firewood, stoked by your efforts and struggles, that will burn bright and show you the path towards success.

The Le Grand Mello has everything you need to work towards success. At the same time though, all of the amenities and services help to put you at ease. Overall, a relaxed mind in itself is an opportunity to think beyond the present life and reach towards a better and brighter future that we can help build together.

Simply put: at this event you’ll get the opportunity to network and make lifelong friends with incredibly successful men and women from all walks of life. And all of it happens within the majestic castle nestled within the peaceful greenery of France’s countryside.

You’ll meet and work one-on-one with Howard who is responsible for thousands of #1 position rankings in Amazon for the most competitive keywords.

You’ll even have the opportunity to build long-term business relationships with Legendary sellers from all over the world who have sold (and continue to sell) Hundreds of MILLIONS annually!

With a network of friends this powerful and exclusive, any roadblocks you come across in your business can EASILY be dissolved. You can not only start crushing your goals in 2022 without wasted time, effort, and cash that most sellers have to put in, but also start leading the royal lifestyle you know you are meant to lead.

With the right network, you can achieve nearly anything!

When you decide to join the Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind, you will become close friends with and learn from Amazon Sellers who are ACTUALLY SELLING MULTIPLE 8 FIGURES in product per year in an intimate environment!

You’ll Get ONE on ONE advice from top sellers on how to grow and scale your business this year and for years to come!

ACT NOW to sit down ONE on ONE with Amazon Sellers and get their advice on how to SCALE your business to levels you’ve only dreamed of…

Plus we will have the resources and teams there to help you one-on-one so you can achieve the sales targets you want and finally get the financial freedom and prosperity you deserve!

This is going to be the event that will alter the course and momentum of your business forever.


When You Sign Up For The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind Today, You Stand to Gain ALL Of These Spectacular Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Tik Tok Ads Managed Service For One Month

Sign up for The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind, and you get direct access to my personal Tik Tok Ads team that can help you leverage everything that Tik Tok has to offer!

Imagine if there was a relatively unused traffic source that was a reliable way to rank a new (or even old) product to page one quickly, cost effectively, and consistently.

As I’m sure you know, external traffic is now the Holy Grail of Amazon sales, and 99% of that traffic gets you on page 1. If you’re not on page 1, no one will see your product, and you aren’t going to make any sales.

Lucky for you, Howard has uncovered the EXACT variables that dictate how Amazon ranks your products with this external traffic. This secret formula has earned his products and his clients a laid out red carpet straight to the page 1 rank over and over again like clockwork.

* An NDA is required to use this.

It’s up to you whether you want to discover these tactics or continue to struggle in your Amazon business.

By the end of this event, you’ll have the connections and know how that could make you Tens or Hundreds of Thousands in no time flat! But with great power comes great responsibility, so tread lightly.

That said, information and connections are powerful, but we know that RESULTS are what you really want!

To prove to you that Howard means business, he is going to allow you to use his team to run these Tik Tok Ads for one month.

Honestly, this bonus itself may be priceless.

This could EASILY pay for the price of attendance alone.

* REAL WORLD VALUE: $1,994.00

BONUS #2: DSP Service with no set-up fees

Many sellers lose sleep every night over the very real possibility that their best selling product could lose its rank or be blasted with bad reviews at any moment. The truth is, if you don’t have safeguards in place, you’re gambling with your entire business.

But you don’t need to worry anymore! Howard has done intensive research and solved this problem by leveraging the power of 100% VERIFIED purchases in a White Hat method. And when you sign up for this exclusive mastermind, Howard is handing you the keys to the kingdom and also including the fact that they will be optimized for Amazon’s Choice.

Not only will you discover the tactics to safeguard your products, but Howard is also going to give you 100 credits for VERIFIED Purchases from Howard’s RebateMe service.

Under normal circumstances, Howard’s RebateMe’s rate is $10. However, when you sign up for The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind today, he will waive 100% of the fees on these orders and give them to you for FREE just for being a member of the mastermind!

* REAL WORLD VALUE: $3,000.00

Bonus #3: 15 Signalytics P.F.R. Reports

Howard has mentioned that his primary struggle was knowing which keywords to go after when optimizing his listing, launching products, and running sponsored products.

  – Which keywords have the highest volume?

  – Which keywords have the most relevance?

  – Which keywords have the most sales?

  – Which keywords have the best conversion rate?

  – Which keywords will make me the most amount of profit?

That all changed, and he didn’t have to ask those questions anymore when he invented his Signalytics P.F.R. Report.

This tool is considered one of the most powerful weapons in Howard’s arsenal. At the Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind, the PFR report is the CROWN JEWEL in discovering product selection opportunities as well as the ideal keywords to target!

When you sign up for The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind today, you will receive the most comprehensive report of competitive intelligence, giving you UNFAIR amounts of data and insight into your top competitors so you can outmaneuver them and Crush it in 2022!

With this single report, you hold in your hands a literal map on how to win. Imagine if you knew your competitor’s EVERY move. It is as good as a blueprint for success. And with this FREE Bonus report, I can guarantee you’ll have the cutting edge advantage that will put you in a position to WIN!

Many sellers would pay as much as $15 for a SINGLE report of this comprehensive data. But when you sign up today, you not only get 1, but 15 of these useful reports.

If you have ever struggled to get the BEST keywords with 100% certainty, then look no further, because your problem has now been solved!



Bonus #4: 100% PERSONALIZED Coaching

What if you could ask Howard ANYTHING? What would you ask?

In this event, you’ll no longer have to bear the burning questions you have. All of your questions, no matter how sensitive, can be answered by Howard in your very own PERSONAL coaching and consultation session. 

Reading tutorials and watching videos are great sources of information. However, sometimes, it is best to talk to people. It is even better if you are talking to people who have already walked thousands upon thousands of miles in your own shoes. A personalized coaching session with Howard will help you create a blueprint that takes your business to the next level.

During your ONE-on-ONE consultation call with Howard, you’re bound to discover the most advanced and jaw dropping tactics in all of Amazon. All you have to do is ask the right questions!

Some information is simply too potent to reveal on this page and in public. So you’re in for a real treat and will be one of the few people on this planet to score a 100% Coaching Session with Howard Thai!

Howard usually charges as much as $2,500 per half hour for one-on-one sessions, but you’re getting yours 100% FREE when you sign up today!

* REAL WORLD VALUE: $2,500.00

Bonus #5: 12 Months Free of E.S.S.

Howard is always testing.

He frequently and consistently discovers literal gold rushes of information and data that have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on Amazon. But Howard does not share this information outside of his Masterminds.

So what happens when you leave The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind? Is it over? Do you stop receiving updates on the latest and greatest information in Amazon?

You see, Howard has put together a PRIVATE Mastermind Community called the Elite Seller Society (E.S.S.) that you will be gaining access to when you join today. Howard normally charges $12,000 per year for access to this exclusive group!

Here, you can have discussions about tactical and practical strategies that are actually working RIGHT NOW for other sellers. You’ll also be one of the few people in the world to receive BETA access to Howard’s exclusive and cutting-edge software before whispers of them even hit the market!

Can you imagine what you can do with this kind of exclusive network, sensitive information, and advantage over other sellers? 

* REAL WORLD VALUE: $12,000.00

Bonus #6: Micro Influencer Submission

You will also get direct access to being able to use our personally curated team of Micro Influencers.

Imagine if there was a reliable way to rank a new (or even old) product to page one quickly, cost-effectively, and consistently through a source that no one else has exhausted.

Organic traffic from ranking is still the Holy Grail of Amazon sales, and 99% of that traffic is on page 1. If you’re not on page 1, no one will see your product, and you aren’t going to make any sales.

The cold hard truth is, you have to either figure out the ranking formula, or you’ll always be struggling with your Amazon business while the sellers who know how to rank speed past you.

Howard has actually discovered the few puzzle pieces of information that dictate how Amazon ranks your products. This secret formula has gotten his products and his clients products ranked to page 1 over and over again with predictability.

These tactics cannot be discussed here, and will require an NDA to be learned. It’s up to you to discover these tactics or to continue to struggle with your Amazon business.

By the end of this event, you’ll have the skills and knowhow that could make you Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in no time flat! But with great power comes great responsibility, so tread lightly.

* REAL WORLD VALUE: $2,982.00

AT LEAST $22,701.00 in Value… and that’s JUST YOUR BONUSES!

Your Network Is Your Net Worth.... . .and this Mastermind Will Connect You with the Right People!

As the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” 

When you connect yourself with the right network of Elite Royalty, everything in your life and business will grow and change for the better.

As your Mastermind experience at the Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind comes to a close, you will walk away with a refreshed mindset, creative ideas for growth, bleeding edge strategies, a brilliant action plan, and so much more. More than that, you will also leave the event with New Life Long Friends and invaluable business connections that will improve your life and take your business to the next level.

Howard has made special arrangements for you and all other members of The Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind to ensure you make valuable connections atop learning cutting edge strategies for Amazon in 2022. In fact: You are GUARANTEED to personally meet with EVERY speaker and member at the Elite Seller Society 2022 Mastermind. Even after the event, it will be just the beginning of the true value you stand to take away.

Getting to know someone or making a close friend at this Mastermind event could easily open the floodgates to unlimited opportunities in your business and in your life. Imagine if you made just one connection that could double or triple your business. Who knows? You could even discover your next business partner at this event!

Here Are a Few Activities Designed to Enhance Networking at this Mastermind... 

Welcome Reception: Your celebratory welcome reception will take place at the Le Grand Mello castle in France. Featuring an open bar, you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow mastermind members while enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
Breakout Sessions: During the Mastermind, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with EVERY speaker and powerhouse seller in small controlled groups. Come prepared with any question you can think of and prepare to have it answered!
Networking Each Night: Every night, members of your mastermind will dine on fine cuisine as a group and further connect with one another. Afterwards, you can expect groups to gather around the numerous lounging areas to spill the REAL hacks that only come out in such an intimate setting.

Discover The Mastermind That Will Unlock The Royalty In You:

At this mastermind, Howard and his guests will reveal the underground information that everyone else is afraid to share. You’ll learn what’s working in 2021 and beyond. You’re also going to get tons of valuable bonuses and most importantly, you’ll discover the most controversial and forgotten external traffic hacks for all of Amazon!

JOIN THE E.S.S. MASTERMIND NOW!Invest Now Before It's TOO Late...
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