Learn MY FIVE Favorite Strategies And Tactics I learned After Interviewing Over a Dozen Of Amazon’s Most Elite Sellers

EVENT DATE: October 15th
8 PM EST (New York)
5 PM PST (Los Angeles)

Back for an Encore: The Professor of Amazon is Hosting PPE 2.0 … the second online version of his World-Renowned Mastermind where you will discover How Top Sellers Use Underground Systems to Consistently Rank Products and $CALE Their Businesses in 2020!


You're Going To Discover...

  • Discover the sophisticated yet easy to implement tactics to get products RANKED to Page 1 FAST!

  • Hear from Top Level Sellers doing 8 or 9 figures and how they scaled to that level...

  • CASE STUDY: A Real life example where the Professor of Amazon will show you what strategies and tactics are working at this very moment on amazon. During this presentation he’ll give you a sneak peak to his all new CaseStudy which he’ll pull back the curtains on during the PPE. 2.0

  • ​...and So Much More!

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