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Howard Thai, the Shenzhen, China-based head of Signalytics, an e-commerce consulting firm, said that while he didn’t know who sent the seeds, it was possible the organizer of any scheme had miscalculated and was unaware that seeds would cause alarm. “If you put sand in there it’s different,” he said. “The people doing it are not that smart.” Mr. Thai said that those doing brushing schemes will often send items they hope the recipient will enjoy, to prevent those receiving the packages from complaining about receiving a random package.

The Wall Street Journal

Signalytics, by Howard Thai, is excited to offer its Amazon FBA ranking services for sellers to boost their listing position. Although Signalytics is currently offering services tailored for Amazon sellers, the company is working on plans to branch out to general e-commerce sellers in the future...

Market Watch

Signalytics, by Howard Thai, is making quick grounds with its software service that helps e-commerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. Its Amazon FBA keyword research, PPC and rebates ranking software have been used by many to scale their brands...

USA Today