Amazon Retail Analytics Basic/Premium – Amazon Retail Analytics is in some ways an advanced version of the reports system that Seller Central sellers are given access to. However, due to the major differences between Amazon Retail Analytics Basic (ARA-B) and Amazon Retail Analytics Premium (ARA-P), we’ll need to go over the functionalities of both.

In order to get access to Amazon Retail Analytics as a base, you’ll either need to be a member of the invite-only Vendor Central (something I’ve spoken about in a previous article). If you enter Vendor Central’s backend, you’ll see Amazon Retail Analytics Basic and Premium (If you have access to Premium).

ARA-B/P Reports

Amazon Retail Analytics Basic– First we’ll talk about ARA-B. ARA-B provides several different reports, of which the most important are going to be under the Sales & Inventory Dashboard.

·      Sales & Inventory Dashboard

            –  Shipped Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

            –  On-Hand Inventory Values & Quantities

            –  Open Purchase Order Quantities

            –  Sales & Inventory Product Details

·      Demand Forecast

·      Catalog Report

The COGS, On-Hand Inventory Values & Quantities, Open Purchase Order, Demand Forecast, and Catalog report are self-explanatory. The most important report available under ARA-B is the Sales & InventoryProduct Details report.  This report will allow you to view inventory data and sales performance on a product by product basis, allowing insight into optimization and growth.

One to keep in mind is the Demand Forecast report. Amazon will estimate the amount of product they will open purchase orders for based ona few factors, including the prior weeks’ sales data. Make sure you can keep up with Amazon’s demands. 

Amazon RetailAnalytics Basic Dashboard

Amazon Retail Analytics Premium – The Premium reports require special access. There are two ways to gain access to the ARA-reports. One is by subscribing for Amazon’s Vendor Premium Service package, which starts at $30,000 per year. You can also request access by opening a support case in Vendor Central.

Support Case Example

With access to ARA-P, you will get access to many new pre-formatted reports depending on the category you have access for. Here are some examples of the reports:

·      Category Sales

·      Amazon Top 100 Search Terms

·      Category Conversion

·      Amazon Search Terms

·      Geographic Sales

·      Customer Reviews

·      Page Views and Conversion

·      Top Amazon Items in Growth

·      Sales Summary

·      Item Viewing Pre-Purchase

There are many other reports beyond the above list including reports such as competitive title comparison or franchise buying. ARA-P has some key reports such as the Amazon Top 100 which you can use to expand your business on Vendor Central.

Amazon RetailAnalytics Premium Dashboard

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between ARA-B and ARA-P. However, it’s important for you to understand ARA-P and if it will be necessary for you to gain access. There is a lot of additional data with ARA-P, but much of that focuses on trends rather than specific data. This means you will need to understand how you can utilize this data in order to grow your business prior to signing up for it.

This article was written by the Professor of Amazon who has been writing about Amazon since2009. This is an alias used to protect the author from any unwanted complaintsor inquiries. Please be aware that much of the existing and future informationcan be construed by many in the industry as an attack on their business models.As such, the Professor of Amazon has chosen to protect himself from any action.