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EVENT DATES: November 9th to 10th

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What You Get With PPE 2.0



  • OUR HOST: HOWARD THAI: The Man, The Myth, The Legend himself will speak about his next innovative case study that he has been keeping under wraps for the past two months. There’s no telling what he’ll do this time...
  • EMCEE: ELIZABETH HERRERA: Multiple 7 figure PER MONTH seller will be keeping you entertained and informed through each speaker's transition...
  • ​SPEAKER 1: TRAVIS KILLIAN: The 50 Million dollar a year man is back and better than ever. Attendees loved his speech so much that they asked he come back for an encore! Has he been able to double his income yet?
  • SPEAKER 2: ANTHONY LEE: Has ranking on Amazon changed drastically in the past two months? If anyone knows it would be Anthony who has this down to a science. Learn about the all new mediums being used to achieve page one and be ready for the best Q4 ever.
  • SPEAKER 3: LEO SGOVIO: This gentlemen is no stranger to speaking at these events. He’s a crowd favorite and it’s for good reason… he always brings the most underground and con
  • SPEAKER 4: PATRICK NILES: Meet part of the trio that does over 35 million dollars a year on Amazon. Not only does he walk the walk but he’s also the winner of the first ever Smartest Marketer Contest. And he’s promised to bring the heat!
  • SPEAKER 6: CASEY GAUSS: Meet the founder of one of the most innovative Amazon tools to ever be offered… Viral Launch.
  • SPEAKER 7: DON WILDER: The crowdfunding King will be talking about how to dominate crowdfunding sites and get those extra funds that you’ve always needed for your Amazon products. He’s helped raise over 2 Million dollar and is ready to reveal all his best strategies.
  • SPEAKER 8: YEV MARUSENKO: Dr. Yev is not going to hold anything back when it comes to his knowledge of attribution and helping emerging Amazon brands get traffic from outside of Amazon. He’s the founder of ZonTracker and is an expert of collecting and analyzing data and he’s got some amazing insights to share during his talk.
  • SPEAKER 9: PAUL HARVEY: Known as none other than the Chat Bot Encyclopedia. Paul Harvey will be breaking down the new age of Chat Bots and how to use them with social signals as opposed to traditional Facebook Traffic.
  • SPEAKER 10: PAUL RAFELSON & JEFF:  This attorney duo will be talking about common things you should do to protect your business after you’ve reached the 1 million dollar per year threshold and how to make sure you are prepared in case Amazon begins to bully you.

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Your Price Today is ONLY $997

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  • * BONUS 3 * PDF Copies of the Presentations from all the speakers as well as the recordings of their keynotes: ($2,000.00 REAL value)
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From the Desk of Howard Thai:


Normally, ALL of my masterminds and events 100% REQUIRE an extensive interview and application process to ensure that you are a good fit for the mastermind (we do not accept just anyone into our masterminds)... fact, we usually reject around 60% of those that try to join this Elite Seller's Mastermind.

My team and I do this so that we can keep the mastermind community RICH with Elite Sellers and the brightest minds in the industry. And the secrets we share can't be shared with just anyone (we make this concrete by requiring a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed by all members)...

I generally even require that you make at least a minimum of $1.2 Million in revenue on Amazon's platform annually to even qualify to attend one of my in person events and masterminds.

So WHY am I doing it different this time?

WHY would I give you the opportunity to invest RIGHT NOW, and secure your spot without an application or even a $1.2 Million Dollar sales requirement?

WHY am I lifting all of my normal restrictions for my masterminds?

The answer is simple... THESE ARE STRANGE TIMES:

The world has seemingly changed over night, and Drastic Times call for Drastic Measures!

I don't want ANYONE to be left out if they're struggling or want to take advantage of all the Genuine OPPORTUNITY that is available to sellers right now...

Yea - you read that right - "OPPORTUNITY"

The PPE is so much more than just what to do during this time...'s going to EXPOSE the incredible opportunity for expansion, growth, increased profit margins, complete domination of niches, and so much more.

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This is the ONLY time I will ever allow sellers to attend my mastermind with such lenient terms... because this is a time that requires a large shift for everyone.

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