TPP025 – Effective Advertising Strategies Using Amazon PPC and Attribution with Lazar Zepinic

If you think about the world of Amazon, sometimes it really feels like you're in a world full of alligators, and you'll have to fight them with the best strategies to defeat them and scale, improve and grow your business. One of these tactics is PPC, and in this episode, we have Lazar Zepinic, an Amazon PPC expert and one of top 100 Google advertisers in Northern Europe. Lazar, with 10 years of experience in this realm, has pretty much seen PPC. He has seen what it was before and how it has evolved into these machine learning and artificially intelligent PPC systems we have today. Lazar is part of an Amazon PPC consultant group and owns an Amazon agency with a team of 70 people. He has worked with 7-9 figure Amazon sellers and has experience in optimizing multi-million accounts on both Seller Central and Amazon Advertising platforms. Tune in to find out more about the PPC guy and his experience with Amazon PPC.

Topics Covered In this Episode

  • Getting to know Lazar Zepinic

    Let everybody know a little bit more about yourself.

  • How do you do ppc?

    How you do PPC differently from other people? What is something our audience would be interested in about PPC?

  • PPC Strategies

    What kind of strategies do you guys use? Brand protection, PPC ads sales not to cannibalize organic sales, etc.

  • Partnering with TIKTOk in Germany

    Can you tell us a little more about that?

  • Topics to talk about in PPE3.0

    What three to five topics could you speak about that would absolutely wow people?

  • Attribution

    Can you talk to me about what level of attribution are you talking about? Are you talking about outside Amazon or Amazon attribution themselves or DSP attribution?

  • Opportunities and Problems of Amazon Sellers

    What are the possible opportunities or problems Amazon sellers will face this 2021?

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Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Professor’s Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape. Your host, Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.

[00:00:22] What is up everyone, Hurricane Liz here, back for another Professor's Podcast. And with me as usual, the man, the myth, the legend, the professor himself, and Howie, today, we've got a very exciting guest. This gentleman is an expert at Amazon PPC. He's pretty much seen PPC, what it was before. And now we're slowly evolving into this machine learning and artificially intelligent PPC.

[00:00:41] So you want to tell people a little bit more about where you met him as well as why you picked him and hand-selected him to be a speaker at the upcoming PPE 3.0, which I will be talking about at the end of this actual interview. But Howie, tell us a little bit more about him before we jump straight into the questions and we kind of talk to him about what's going on in the world of Amazon.

[00:01:02] Okay. So, I'm getting old, maybe could refresh me, when was the first time we met? Do you remember? I think in person, we met each other in China, in Guangzhou, I think, maybe, I’m not 100% sure. But, like we knew each other for a couple of years now. I remember. So it was, was, I think it was like two years ago.

[00:01:26] I don't remember. I really don’t.  I think so. Yeah, then, then we, we kinda like, I took him out to eat a lamb, the lamb. That was really, I knew he liked it, right and also the massage. It was like probably one of the best lambs I ever had. Yeah, foot massage was really good as well. But that's like lamb was insanely good. Like Howard, like I think he asked a couple of my friends, like what kinds of stuff I liked, because like he'll, either that, or we have the same taste for food.

[00:01:58] So like, he, he literally took me from one place to another and I like every single one of them. Yeah. It was really good. And then we. Howie once took me to eat too. I remember that too. Rice, multiple times. A lot of them were really memorable. Yeah, eel rice, eel rice. I'll never forget the eel rice, especially my reaction.

[00:02:22] And when I found out how that eel was prepared, but nonetheless, it was very delicious up until I found the story of how the eel rice comes to existence, but he still went above and beyond. And then he took me to the best dimsum I've had in my entire life. So that was pretty memorable. But incidentally Lazar now, you’re in Miami.

[00:02:39] Just my town and you're over in South beach. So you're also about to head onto a really exciting adventure. You're going to go see some alligators. And really, if you think about the world of Amazon, sometimes it feels like you're in a world full of alligators and you're having to fight them off. So let's go to start.

[00:02:56] There, now let's tell the audience a little bit more about yourself and just pretend for example, say you're on an elevator with Howie, this is the first time you've ever approached him and you want to speak at his Professor's Pandemic event. Let him know a little bit more about yourself and give him the elevator pitch of who Lazar is.

[00:03:12] I'm a PPC guy. Like that's the short, like I own Amazon agency and I'm in PPC for 10 years. And now I'm one, I'm part of Amazon PPC consultant group. Before that I was in top 100 Google advertisers in Northern Europe. I'm based, based in Belgrade, Serbia with a team of 70 people at this point, they're all doing VC.

[00:03:35] We have huge partnerships. One of the biggest partners that we're working on is Thrasio that’s the fastest growing unicorn in history, in the history of US. So basically that's the pitch around. Then, probably if you want longer, I can do longer. No, that was perfect. I think that was fantastic. Thank you so much for letting us know that.

[00:03:54] On a side note, Liz, he likes to drink a lot too. You always get to be drunk. Oh boy. That's a good thing. He's going to the alligator farm today. I'm answering again. He goes to like, like those kinds of times we go together. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I can recommend you a lot of places, Miami and Miami, we just had, I'll tell you some more at the end of this.

[00:04:16] I don't want to bore everybody unless you guys do want to know how to have fun in Miami, but you don't have a whole podcast on that, but Howie go right ahead. So Lazar, you told us you're the PPC expert. So can you tell us a little bit about how you do PPC that are, that's kinda different from other people maybe or something that our audience would be really interested in, in finding out about PPC?

[00:04:40] Yeah. Like when it comes to working with us, somebody who works with, with, with Sellers Alley, our, our company, the main difference is like we have stable quality and everything. It's got something on it for our clients. So all of the clients are getting like what they really basically need. We combine the tools and we can combine the human touch as well.

[00:05:00] So we have like hybrid methods. We developed our own internal tool for taking the data from Amazon and bringing it in like creating bulk files. I'm a huge fan of bulk files. Howard knows that. And I think that's one of the first reasons like we started talking because I'm a huge excel nerd and I like working in excel with all formulas and creating bulk files, folder like clearly everything. Apart from that, like, well, where we stand like comparing to others as

[00:05:31] We work from the physical office. That's pretty rare for Amazon PPC agencies to work from the office. So we exchanged knowledge way faster. We learn way faster. We communicate way faster. We have people working in all the whole time zone. So like we have all three shifts, you know, people working in the, when it comes to that, like for example, for prime day, like.

[00:05:54] For those 48 hours, we even had like live stream from the office to show people that we're working all the time with their accounts. And like, it was kind of pretty impressive to see how apart from that, as I mentioned, we have other aspects where we're like, we were partners with Tiktok, like official partner with, with them.

[00:06:13] And like, we were official partner for Germany as well. We do a lot of attribution. And that's something that is kind of uncommon to see with Amazon PPC agencies. So we, we offer like full package when it comes to PPC. We don't try to be super smart and like do other stuff. We, we we're currently on the thing that we argue that we, we work

[00:06:38] One more thing. Maybe you can explain it to people like, you know, there's like things that PPC agencies or people who are bigger in US selling would protect or try to do some kind of strategy for their PPC. One of them may be a brand protection. The second one may make sure that their or their PPC ads sales will not cannibalize their organic sales.

[00:07:01] What kind of strategies do you guys use? Yeah, well basically, depending on, there are a whole bunch of different strategies that they can take. Like, there are some stuff that it's really important to cover. Like no matter what is the strategy like you mentioned to have defensive attacking campaign?

[00:07:18] So basically what, what that basically means is to cross target your own ASINs, to protect your listings from other competitors showing up on your listings. What you want to do is also to target competing agents, to show up on their listings. What people usually is like through, like when, when you think that like the, you expend the error.

[00:07:39] But that's probably not true because there, there is a bunch of space for additional improvements, especially when it comes to ASIN targeting. So there are so many ways how to do it, targeting main competitors that rank really well for a sentence on the top of the search result page, then to target relevant categories.

[00:07:59] For example, if you're selling coffee, canisters, you want to target people that are selling other stuff as well. Like not the only other coffee canisters. You want to target coffee beans. You want to target, I don't know, French presses or stuff like that, that are highly relevant to your product. So you want to diversify and target that you want to create upselling and cross-selling methods, not only to sell, to, to try to steal sales.

[00:08:26] From others, but make somebody buy your product with some other product as well. That's something that people are usually skipping and missing. So for those that really don't know, like what's upselling and cross-selling, it's basically when you go to, let's say, best buy. And like, this is like pretty basic stuff that people are missing, but you go to best buy.

[00:08:47] You want to buy a TV and you like really know which TV you want to buy. And you have a guide that is working there and he's like, do you want to buy it like a bigger one or the one with the more functions and so on. So he's trying to do upselling and you're like, okay, I don't, I want, I don't want that. I have specific model that I want to buy.

[00:09:06] Then that person then asks you, would you like to buy a soundbar? So that's cross-selling. That's something that people should use an Amazon advertising as well, especially like, because Amazon advertising is becoming more and more complex and there are more and more options that are available on Amazon at this point.

[00:09:24] And when I say that, But like, I expect that we're going to get more like DSP, like options on Amazon. And like one of those times that happened is like video ads, video ads are really cool and like really good way how to promote your product because it's huge advertising space like it's the real biggest staple space on Amazon.

[00:09:46] The search result page that you should take you, you can get some people to that specific product you're showing up, like instead of any other else, what is really good, it's available in Europe as well. And nobody's using it in Europe at this point during, not using it mostly like in Germany, it's available right now.

[00:10:06] And one of the reasons why people are not using it, they're not translating reviews. And that's one of the. Things that you need to do so you can use videos in Germany, for example, and like I'm absolutely 100% sure. If you had video translated late for subtitled in German. You're going to kill with sales flight.

[00:10:27] You're going to have a lot of sales comparing to others just because you're having such a huge advantage against the other sellers. And that's just like one small thing comparing to other stuff. Like one of the things that people don't know is basically that you're now able to edit sponsor brand campaigns.

[00:10:47] And that's something that wasn't available in the past. Fast, you know, it ends up in the past basically like when, when you go to a sponsor company, like previously known as the headline search hats, like you go there and there is nothing that you can do. Basically, you can just do a bit of bidding at keywords, that's it.

[00:11:03] And now you're able to edit, like for campaigns that you're not able to do, like create new ones, like a lot of new stuff happening like I'm really totally jumping from one topic to another because like Amazon exceeds spending in so many ways. And there are so many stuff that you, that you should do. For example, like if you have like old automatic campaigns, they're probably working pretty good, but maybe you would like to create new automatic campaigns just because there are new targeting options when you're targeting methods.

[00:11:30] Like one of the things that we do when we check new accounts, when we do the audits of new accounts, we check around 20, 30 different stuff and one of the, the stuff that we're checking is performance by placement, and it's still easy to check it. Like when you think the report, like from Amazon goes straight to the Amazon, go through reports, download the performance by placement reports, pivoted.

[00:11:53] And you're going to be able to see, like for each campaign separately, for each ASIN separately, how it works on different position and you can bid accordingly. And that's something that people are, are frequently missing and like that's not happening only for the small sellers. So, you know, like we work with the big brands as well, like with eight, eight figure sellers and like they're missing.

[00:12:15] Same thing. You know, that that's one of the things that is super important when it comes to search terms, for example, keywords like never combined match types in the same ad group. That's, that's really bad thing to do because you're never going to be able to narrow them the search funnel. You're never going to be able to cut down the bleeding because that way you're basically just slotting.

[00:12:38] Amazon like trigger your keywords for all the, all the search queries. So you, your ads are going to show up all the time for random stuff. But like, so since you don't want that, you want to have like separately, separate match types in separate alley groups. Like everybody's asking, like, is it better to do it at the ad group or campaign level?

[00:12:57] It's always better to do to the campaign level because when, when you do it on a campaign level, you're. It's easier for you to optimize the budget of those campaigns for others at the ad group level, because you're not able to do it at that level. Other things that is frequently happening like that, people are asking about like, when it comes to search terms is like, we have search terms that are highly relevant, but they're not making money.

[00:13:23] So like what you want to do you think there's term reports filter out and see like which keywords are triggering those search terms. And if you see that the exact keyword is triggering that specific search term so basically it's the same. That's why it's an exact form of this week. What you want to do is basically lower down the bid.

[00:13:43] If it's, if it's triggered by craves or growth keywords, and you already have like exact form, you need to lower down the bid there or to the gated there because you have specific. You were dedicated for it or in the diversity scenario. For example, if you want to like, see what's going to happen with that specific search terms that is highly relevant and you don't have it as, as an exact form, you can negate it in the parent of campaign.

[00:14:11] So basically it's not triggered by your account at all anywhere. Great. Separate campaigns in a name it's like it was, but, highly relevant non-performing keywords in places there compare your PPC from the report. They're decreased it. And as for the new keyword, and you're probably going to see some sales coming, even though like, it didn't work in the past.

[00:14:35] And that's like just one of the small things that you can do. I, sorry, I can literally talk for hours about some stuff. So yeah, I know, I know. I I've, I've heard you, you're so excited about PPC and stuff. I've, I've been with you for a long time. So even while drinking, you still are very excited. I also wanted to ask you a lot like that.

[00:14:58] You were just talking about your partner with Tiktok all for Germany. Can you tell us a little about it, about that? Yeah. Well, one of the things that is happening, like that's something that you guys are hearing the first, at this point, we are just about to launch like this dedicated page on our website about Tiktok.

[00:15:17] So what's happened recently, we managed to become a partner with Tiktok when it comes to advertising on platform. We talked to their general manager for Europe and also with their capital performance team, basically their head of PPC. So from Tiktok you can like, if somebody decides to work with us, and, and like advertise on Tiktok, basically.

[00:15:39] What, what, what would happen? We would have Tiktok team work with us, create like dedicated strategy for that specific product. And then we would advertise. And also when it comes to that point, like we, we also have access to the platform with all the influencers so we can combine all of that effort together.

[00:15:58] And I'm pretty sure  it's going to rock at this point. We are at like, that thing pays with, with the Tiktok and all of that at this point, all the results are insanely good. So we, we are going to launch it to like really, really soon, hopefully in the next like week or so. Yeah, absolutely. Sorry, like you said, you could speak hours and hours about PPC.

[00:16:21] It's obvious how much you love it. That's how he said no, that's not more. I was gonna say, you can see your passion for it. You could see it in your voice. I actually could talk about people as long too. But the thing that I wanted to know is based off of all the knowledge you've acquired and obviously all the expertise that you do have, have you thought about the three to five topics that you could speak about at this presentation?

[00:16:43] And like I said, you have as much time as you want during the actual event, but what three to five topics could you speak about that would absolutely wow people. Oh, wow. I have no idea I can talk like, literally like, like pick one and like, I can talk about that. Like what they think that should, could be interesting is attribution.

[00:17:01] That's something that people don't don't have like luck with it. They usually have some different expectations or they don't know how to track it correctly. I can go like really in depth when it comes to attribution, we can go with like different targeting method methods, or we can go with video ads or.

[00:17:21] Well, as I said, like literally whatever you guys switch, but I feel like that people like using retribution delete all East and like, there's like a lot of space for everybody to improve because people try it, fail it and stop using it. And it can be really, really useful. We can, we can talk about like combining attribution, but funnels.

[00:17:46] funnels are like probably one of the most powerful ways, how to generate more clients and like to track them from one platform to another, to do some, some, some stuff like that can be combined with Shopify and Amazon PPC and like bunch of different stuff. Like you can pick the topic, like I can talk about.

[00:18:07] It's not the problem. Yeah. I'm sure I'll really sit at this podcast and I'll have definitely a topic for you based on everything you spoke about. I mean, Like I said, there's been a lot and there's been a lot of excitement in your voice. So I'm quite excited to see what you come up with. That's all right.

[00:18:20] You were saying about attribution. Can you talk to me about what level of attribution are you talking about? Are you talking about outside Amazon or Amazon attribution themselves or DSP attribution? Well, I can talk about DSP as well. We offer a self-service DSP as well, but like when it comes to attribution, I was first thinking.

[00:18:38] I was first thinking about combining Amazon distribution platform with Google ads, for example and tracking that kind of stuff. Like what's the difference between Amazon attributions and UTMs that you can use from the storefront analytics. Like that's a huge difference. Results are like completely different from each other.

[00:18:57] And like people expect to see the same thing, but it's not going to happen just because of that. Or like combining Facebook ads, Google ads, and tracking done on Amazon. That's, that's basically the thing that I can talk about or. As you mentioned, we can talk about DSP as well like what are the options that are working?

[00:19:15] Like we have some sellers, like we, we manage a lot for counseling DSPs as well, and we have some huge success with, with, with a lot of them. So we can, I can tell you some best practices that we, that we use on DSP, or we can combine since both things are like programmatic retargeting and attribution combined.

[00:19:34] We can use different platforms and like create presentation about like cool stuff that you can do using Google ads, Facebook ads, Amazon distribution, and DSP, or like, as you said, like, it sounds, it sounds a lot of stuff. I kind of already have some kind of idea of what I wanted to have you speak about regarding a DSP attribution sometimes not just, Oh, I get a lot of this question.

[00:19:58] So maybe you can answer it when you're doing DSP, it's kind of hard for you to attribute that DSP sales to, to attribution because your PPC sales could probably be getting the same, exact same sales. So you, you don't know where it's coming from actually. Right. So what would you do about that? Yeah. Yeah.

[00:20:18] That's pretty tricky. You know, like when it comes to oral attribution or like the main issue there is that people are used to a lot of sleek conversions sound like everybody's tracking only lots of like conversion books. Like, imagine just like, it's the same thing, like with, with certain sponsored brand ads, like the same thing as with DSP, like.

[00:20:38] You think that it's like just spending your money, but like when you turn it off, you are getting drops. You know, I like people need to understand that. Like, I, I usually use this as a reference, like when you are on like subway or like you're on a bus or wherever, I mean, commuting and you're checking your phone and then you're watching.

[00:20:59] No, I don't like Amazon platform and you search for something and you click on the ad on the top or you click on something. Or after that, you're like, Oh, it's my stop. I need to like, turn off my phone and like do other stuff. And like, after that, like you already know the brand you're fully aware of that product and your search changes.

[00:21:20] And from there, like one of the really important things that to everybody that sells needs to do is to create their own tracker for everything. I know Amazon gives you information about like shorter periods of time, but like if you track performance over time, like you can have like historical data for ages.

[00:21:40] Like since you started selling on Amazon, But like, what's really good to you have, there is like one of the things that we like to track, and that helps with what you ask is basically apart from spend as a percentage of overall revenue or tax or really, cost depending on who you ask, like, how do they call it?

[00:21:58] There are other metrics like sales, the PPC sales as a percentage of overall sales. So that number really tells you a lot, like where are you at when it comes to your branding and like your campaigns and your ads? Like when you're a huge brand, like a really big one, like Adidas or something like that, you're probably not investing.

[00:22:19] Like you're investing a lot of money. Don't get me wrong, but like comparing to your overall revenue, it's like not a lot of sales are coming from PPC. So it's probably just a couple of percent like number four, like regular Amazon salaries should be around 30, 35, 40 tops above that. Like when you check the accountant, you see that 80% of your sales are coming from PPC comparing to oral number.

[00:22:46] You probably have a problem or you're just starting to sell on Amazon. So you're not well-known brand and you're kinda dependent on PPC. That's a really big red flag for you. And that's the alarm. That's something that, that should tell you like that you need to work on your branding. I know that everybody likes to like invest in advertising just to make sales, but at some point, like you're investing in future sales and I know that it sounds bad.

[00:23:15] Like why should I spend any money that is not like returning it, but. It's like the long run. Like it's not like the fast game, like you want to win in the long run. So what do do there is basically you're investing in your brand and you see that like your percentage of, of PPC is just around 35, which is the perfect balance.

[00:23:36] So like, if you decrease the DSP, for example, or you decrease sponsor brand campaigns, you can see like, maybe that your PPC is increasing, comparing to organic. And you can see like the US cannibalizing and like your PPC is or investing like you should stop. Like you should slow down. Like I own PPC agency and I'm, I'm like talking against myself and I'm seeing this kind of stuff.

[00:24:02] You don't want to make your PPC sales steal, your organic sales. So that's the number that you always want to track. You always want to, like every week. Compare compare your PPC numbers with organic numbers and see the difference there. And the other thing that nobody's like that I know is it's calculating on their own CPA, basically the amount of money that is spent for each PPC sales separately and the amount of money that is spent for overall.

[00:24:33] Sales not only PPC. So for example, if you're selling, like I dunno, headphones is like a hundred bucks and your, your CPA for PPC is around $20, that sounds a lot. But like when, when it comes to overall sales, maybe it's like, if you're caving like 35% is probably around like, just like 30, like $7.50 or something like that from the oral number.

[00:24:58] So like your PPC spend your advertising efforts are $7.50 for $100, which means that your ACOS is basically 7.5 per cent, which is pretty good number. If you ask me, like, if, if you see that you're real ACOS or  is around two, 3%. It's probably like, you're not doing it like enough. You want to push more.

[00:25:22] You want to be at like seven, eight to 12, 13%. Like if you go over 13% item though, like everybody's marketing. That's why I said at the beginning, like it depends from strategy depends on different sellers. But oral, like for 99.9% of the sellers, these are the numbers that are working. And like you want to be in the group that is like from seven to 12, 13% of real sales.

[00:25:47] Cause I know, I like, I, I moved from like your question, like you can call ways to sorry about that. So let's just talk about with the pandemic and with the opportunities. What kind of problems and opportunities do you see in 2021 for Amazon sellers? Everybody needs to understand that like when dynamics are not affecting, like it's not affecting only, you.

[00:26:12] It's affecting everybody. So is having the same issue. And the problem is shared like you're not the only one seller that is having the, the main issue. Like what's going to happen. Like we already see that people are changing habits and I'm pretty sure that it's not going to stay the same. As it used to be like when, when the pandemic is over at some point in the future, what to expect to see is like to see higher in investment in PPC.

[00:26:43] But since Amazon and other platforms are adding more places where you can advertise, giving you more options, like you're probably going to be able to sell more and spend more definitely. And. It's it's, it's like, I, I don't see it like super negative. Like just, just to be absolutely clear, like what's going to happen is like it's going to become more difficult in a manner that platforms are going to become more complex.

[00:27:12] And like the ones that know what they're doing are going to make more money, can bring like, like if you ask Amazon sellers that are long in an Amazon business, like if you ask them, like what, what was PPC like four years ago, or five years ago, they will tell you like what they were dropped. Like every something would grow from there.

[00:27:32] And like, that's not going to happen anymore. Like at this point, like you need to know what you're doing. Yeah, I remember it was a lot easier back then. You just put as opposed to auto and you know, and you didn't have to worry too much. Now you, every, every single, like a month I see something new in PPC that comes out, you know?

[00:27:50] So it's like pretty crazy, you know, also one, I just want to, uh, confirm what you've said to the audience. You're saying that for a cost about 13% is pretty, it's the way you want to be at right for total cost. And for and when you said 35% of, are you talking about 35% of your sales should be PPC or was that right?

[00:28:14] Okay. And how about, uh, percentage of spent you think should be used on a PPC, like from an overall oral sales? Like how much of spent should you do on ads from like within your total sales? Well, well, that's basically a real life sort of talk with. So as I said, like from seven to like 12, 13%, I wasn't like at the beginning, like, like when you start selling a new product, it's like opening a business like local store.

[00:28:44] Nobody knows about that. Like, you can give DPS for free, but if nobody knows about that, nobody's going to come and pick them up. And like the same thing goes with like selling a new products. You need to invest at the beginning, like, like you are going to probably be in like I'm in PPC for a really long time now.

[00:29:05] And like, it's a really rare thing to see that you're positive from the start. And like you're becoming millionaire from scratch, just because like you launched a new product. Like a lot, the sellers are, are becoming like the sellers, because like they have like one big hit from there. They're expanding to other agents and other products, but like oral, you need to be absolutely aware that you need to invest at the beginning.

[00:29:30] And from there, like to build audience, like it's easier if you already have like, More products. If you have your audience, if you have like your newsletter list, if you have your custom audience on Facebook or Google or wherever, so you can target and target them and tell them like where's launching a new product, but like, After after six months or three months, or depending on your budget, like it's healthy, wrong from three to six months to be absolutely sure that you're in the bleeding zone and like what the Amazon algorithm doesn't like is like, when you push really hard and invest everything at once and you burn everything at once and you can like, 500 sales in one day.

[00:30:15] And next day you have zero, like that's really bad, like it's better not to have any sales from the start. Like what you want to do. You want to build sales from content to start with one two three four, and like the growth over time. That that's the healthy way on how to do it. Amazing. Awesome. That was amazing answers that you had Lazar and that was a lot of information you gave people.

[00:30:34] I know there's going to be a lot of people that are super excited to hear you speak. If that's the kind of information you give away for free, then there's no telling what you're going to reveal once we hit the Professor’s Pandemic 3.0, which is coming up mid-February. So you guys do not want to miss it this happening February 15th, 16, live from the comfort of your own home.

[00:30:53] As I usually tell everyone you can stream in your underwear, just do not stand up. And we'll be fine with that. And Lazar will be one of the brilliant 13 speakers that will be at that actual event. Remember in attendance will be a $150 million speaker plus a $20 million speaker that we'll both be spewing all their Amazon knowledge live again in the comfort of your own home.

[00:31:14] All hosted by the man, the myth, the legend Howard Thai, sort of find out more about that actual event. Head on over to and remember, right now we are in early bird pricing, which means you will get 50% off the usual ticket price, and you will pay the same amount that people who have attended previous masterminds get at a discount.

[00:31:33] So you will now be part of the brotherhood/sisterhood of the most premier level of Amazon sellers on the planet. So, thanks again so much, Lazar. Any final words from you about how excited you are to speak at this event before we say goodbye here? Well, I'm more than excited, like , as you said, like the man, the myth, the legend, like one of the biggest names in the Amazon, and I'm really, really proud to be part of the talk.

[00:32:04] Absolutely. We're excited to have you and Howie, any last words from you before we say bye here? I think I said a lot of words today. But thanks! That's the most we've ever heard. How are we beginning to get a little suspicious? I think he might've had his buddy Don Julio right next to him there. We might not have noticed maybe his wife's lifted into his coffee or his late night.

[00:32:24] I don't know Howie tell me. Did you have some Don Julio or Kat slipped in some Don with you and your Starbucks frappuccino? It's just that I really care for Lazar. And that's our, you know, we went through a lot, so I have a lot of questions, you know? So let our audience like excited about what Lazar has to say.

[00:32:40] I actually want like Lazar to teach our audience. How do you build the, you know, the, the linkage of all the attribution from like a Google to a Facebook, to, you know, PPC, you know, all these, all these, uh, attribution that can, can help them with their overall sales, like the funnel we call it. Yeah, that works so amazing.

[00:33:02] Amazing. So thank you again Lazar. Thank you Howie once again. To get to find out more information about the Professor's Pandemic 3.0, head on over to, and remember right now is early bird pricing, which is only going to last for about another week and a half or so.

[00:33:18] But other than that, thanks so much for joining us on the Professor's Podcasts. I will see you next time, along with Howie Thai. Thanks again, Lazar. Thank you so much. Welcome to the Professors Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape.

[00:33:40] Your host Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.