TPP018 – How to Rank Your Products Faster Using Marketplace and Search Algorithms with Anthony Lee

The guest we have on this podcast is going to be a return speaker as a lot of the things that he did in the actual first mastermind were highly coveted information that people just went bananas for. Everybody that basically went to the first mastermind wants to hear what this guy has to say, because he's constantly testing, and constantly trying new things. Anthony Lee is a genius in collecting data, analyzing data, and then learning how to rank best on Amazon with the current actual conditions on Amazon. And in this episode, we are going to learn more about that.

Topics Covered In this Episode

  • Introduce Anthony Lee

    Who is Anthony Lee and what has he done? Know a little bit more about the Amazon analytics genius.

  • About Anthony & Signalytics

    What have you been working on these past three months after the first ever pandemic event?

  • TikTok, Social Media, and Ecommerce

    Can you tell people what you do on Tiktok, what are your followers like, and when did you start?

  • Google and Amazon Relation

    A lot of people were really interested in what you wrote last time regarding how Google and Amazon are related. Can you talk a little bit about it?

  • Wechat and tiktok Speculations and algorithm

    Recently, there's been a lot of speculations in terms of what's going to happen to WeChat and TikTok. What do you think is in the realm for those two applications?

  • PFR - Purchase Frequency Rank

    What is this PFR tool that you have been developing for quite some time and why is it going to be a game changer when it comes to Amazon?

  • Pinterest Ads

    Are there new theories or new findings that you have discovered and can talk about?

  • Rebates and Chatbot flows

    Can you tell us a little bit more about the rebates now and the testing that you've been doing with ManyChat?

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Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Professor’s Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape. Your host Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.

[00:00:21] Hey everyone, Hurricane Liz here, your typical host for Howie's podcast. But as usual, I got the man, the myth, the legend on with me, Mr. Howard Thai. And today, before we say hi to Howie, let me just kind of pre-frame this. Now the next speaker and the guests that we have on this podcast is going to be a return speaker.

[00:00:40] So a lot of the things that he did in the actual first mastermind were highly coveted information that people just went bananas for. And as a result he's been asked to come back and everybody that basically went to the first one wants to hear what this guy has to say, because he's constantly testing, constantly trying new things.

[00:01:00] And in fact, before I even jumped on this actual podcast, he was already revealing some results with the test he's running at this moment with the professor himself. So Howie, how excited are you to have Anthony back first of all, and what kind of fireworks do you think he's going to be displaying here at the second annual professor’s, PPE event which we will give details about at the end of this podcast.

[00:01:22] Well, I'm pretty excited because I talked to him every, almost every day actually about what we're working on, what, what stuff we should try. And you know, like me and Anthony always talk about like, we're in that lab. Right. We always testing stuff to make sure that other things that we're doing is actually working so that, you know, we use our accounts trying to see if things that we think.

[00:01:46] Is going to work is going to work. So it's good. It's really interesting. And we've been doing a lot of a really innovative and really explosive things that we want to talk about at the mastermind. So yeah. Right. And you know, before we say hi to Anthony again, let me just say this. Now, typically we have a certain criteria or format that we follow with all our speakers and we ask them the same thing because we want to get very different perspectives on what's going on right now in the world of Amazon.

[00:02:15] But today, since we've already had Anthony on previously, it's going to be a little bit more nontraditional. So we're going to have a lot of fun. We're going to try to squeeze some words out of Howie, I know we always say he's a man of few words, but this time around, we're going to try to squeeze some extra words out of him.

[00:02:30] as we did yesterday, the time that we had the last podcast, it was Patrick. And I was talking about how, Howie had a man crush on Patrick's here. I will say this much Howie has a man crush on Anthony's brain because of the fact that there's so many things going on there. And the beautiful thing about Anthony.

[00:02:45] Whatever he thinks he gets out there and he tests. Right? One thing that I also, I got envy about him. I, if I had time to do all that with all the crap that comes in through my mind, Lord knows what would be happening in the world today. But I will say this much. So for those reasons, we are going to be doing this nontraditional interview, but let's first get into this Howie with, I wanted to bring up to you before we introduce Anthony.

[00:03:05] I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day about what actual genius is, you know, there's a lot of theories about what genius is. One of the things that comes to mind when I hear it when you talk is I feel that genius can depend on what exactly you do, or one thing that you specialize in.

[00:03:21] And I feel that we all in our own rights could be geniuses. If we just put our mind to it and we focus on one thing and we get that good at that one thing. And for one, I can say that after having just brief conversations with Anthony for a very long time, I can see that he's a genius of collecting data, analyzing data, and then learning how to rank best on Amazon with the current actual conditions on Amazon.

[00:03:44] Would you agree or disagree? And what more can you add to that in terms of what I've been able to gather from just knowing Anthony for brief period of time and just having a few brief conversations with him? Well from, from what I've been working with him for the past six or seven months regarding ranking and things that we've been testing.

[00:04:04] He's very analytics. And he really does go in and try some of his ideas out just like that. Oh, I have an idea. Let me try it out. So he goes in there and he's very focused in that sense where he would actually spend some time, even though it takes a little bit more tediousness because of, you know, how many chat and some other funnels and stuff like that works.

[00:04:27] So he goes all out and trying to prove a point, does this work or does not work? So we recently had like a, a client that we had and actually posted on the forums or the, our own Facebook groups and stuff like that, about a client that we had that ranked, I think it was like 20 something. 20 something position.

[00:04:48] Was that the 20 something position for the, yeah, I think it was 20 something position. And then it's actually like 140 plus days, your old product. It's like 1,400 day old. So that's like really old product and we revived it. It took us like about within a week. We kind of was the up that particular keyword to page one and spot one, position one.

[00:05:14] So that was really interesting on how we did it and yeah, and we were doing it through Signalytics and what we're about to actually kinda tag one, what actually. Well, Anthony is going to talk about actually, I let Anthony tell you guys about it. Yeah, I know. I know for a fact that Anthony he's, like I said, he's got a lot going on.

[00:05:35] So whatever he could think today could change because it comes up with some interesting brand new data that he absolutely feels he has to deliver to you guys. But I will say this much before I say hi to Anthony, like I said, I envy, the fact about you, that you have an idea and you're so passionate about that idea that you have to get it answered.

[00:05:51] Whereas like someone like me will have an idea. And then all of a sudden. Pearl run by and I'll wind up on the beach, chilling, drinking a Mojito, but you, you get your nose down to the grindstone, you work on it and you figure out all the mysteries, the rest of us want to know. So now what I typically say when something like that happens is I'll just wait to see what Howard and Anthony I have to say, but let me go ahead and let you remind people.

[00:06:14] We usually have people do the elevator pitch and to have tell them. Why you think you should be speaking at the professor's second annual pandemic event, but instead just remind people who you are, what you specialize in. And I know how he mentioned Signalytics. So tell us a little bit more about that so that we can kind of get to know you a little better, get to know most importantly, what you've been working on these past three months that pass from the first ever pandemic event.

[00:06:37] Sure. Okay. So once again, hi I’m Anthony Lee CEO of Signalytics. My specialty is sitting in the lab with the yeah the algorithmic components. Sure. And to figure out, you know, what marketplace algorithm, search algorithms respond to. And as a result, I ended up finding out some of the fastest ways to rank products on page one and top positions for a greater visibility.

[00:07:05] What I've been working on? Well, I mean, Signalytics. So that's where all of my efforts have been. I've obviously been working on trying to refine the process while we have developments on a platform. Now offer ranking services to everybody, but our most recent focus for the past three months, aside from my testing has been developing the PFR tool, which we are days away, days away from releasing.

[00:07:38] So that in a nutshell has, has been what I've been up to. So I know you do a lot of social stuff. Can you tell people why you do what you do because you all, you do a lot of these tiktok videos and it's like, it seems like you do it like daily every day. I see a new tiktok video of you, of what you're going to help and help e-commerce.

[00:08:00] People learn how to do commerce from logistics all the way down to like a ranking. So what's your followers like? And when did you start. Actually started in January. Currently, I have just shy of 63,000 followers. And honestly, I believe that's because the algorithm has kind of slowed, changed the way that they distribute content.

[00:08:27] And so my hundred a day followers jumped down to 10. I tried to explain this to people too, who aren't familiar with algorithms, but I know anybody that's been in the Amazon space for any amount of time knows this is how it works, right? Like one thing's happening. And then all of a sudden rank changes.

[00:08:45] It turns out social media algorithms are very similar. So I'm trying to figure out how to crack that nut on the side. Of course, because. Ranking Amazon products is my number one focus. But yeah, I make that content in an effort to it's more of a long game, a I'm building a kind of a personal brand and credibility. Whenever I figure out a way to monetize that just stands as a case study on how to use a platform like tiktok, to grow a brand.

[00:09:14] So, and it's not just my account, but I'm also trying to build out a couple other ones just to see if it can be replicated across niches because you know, social commerce is coming. I mean, you talk about this all the time, Howard. So the best thing that we can do is figure out how to position ourselves for when that day does come.

[00:09:35] And the ones that are best positioned will be the ones that end up being able to take the most advantage. Yeah, like, for, for social media or it's like, I, I think we're pretty good on being a front runner up. We were already started like being, doing a lot of our ranking through social social accounts and social media and stuff like that.

[00:09:54] So yeah, one of the things that we want to push into our social signals.  Again, I also wanted to ask a lot of people were really interested in what you wrote on last time regarding the Google aspect of how Google and Amazon relates. Can you talk a little bit about it? Sure. So the reason that I wrote that video is one of the things like I learned a lot through the tests that I run, but the truth is I'm still, I'm not a developer.

[00:10:25] So like my ears are always open to things that I might not have known. So I had actually recently learned how to check the Refer on any website. And as soon as that happened, I started testing all kinds of things. Right. So I'm looking at the Refer on a listing after you go from a search page, the Refer on a listing after you come through different websites, Pinterest, Google the Refer on a listing.

[00:10:50] After you go through a link after you go through a pixel file link, like just, I dove into that probably for like five or six hours. And I was fascinated by what I was seeing. How some parameters in a URL are passed on certain pages while others are not, especially on Amazon. And then I started also really diving into like what index is on Google and doing kind of trying to dive into what I can find as far as evidence for how Amazon views, Google traffic, and.

[00:11:23] That's when the building blocks for that, that article came out about, cause I started really learning about how important Google is to Amazon. I don't know how important Amazon is to Google, but I know that Google is extremely important to Amazon because it's still. The number one search engine in the world.

[00:11:42] And what's interesting about Amazon is obviously all the search that happens there. Most of it anyway has either direct search or direct purchase intent or indirect purchase intent. Like. But people are, if they're not going to buy something, they're going to research a product for it to be considered as a purchase.

[00:12:05] So it's, you know, completely e-commerce focused, but Google is the search engine that informs the world about their questions. Well, how, how much of that traffic can be siphoned in to a creation of, of a purchase intent? And that's the reason why Google is so important because it's the top of the funnel.

[00:12:29] So, and you can piece, I mean, I piece the evidence together in that article, but at the end of the day, if we, if we agree. Google is important, Amazon. Then the next logical step in that is understanding that Amazon wants as many of their pages to convert to whatever the call to action is possible. And since it's an eCommerce platform, most of the time that's going to be a purchase.

[00:12:53] Sometimes there'll be other things because they don't like a hundred percent of Amazon's pages, aren't pages where you directly buy something. But most of the time it's going to be a purchase. So if that's the most just important intent on the platform, And we conclude that Amazon, that Google is very important Amazon.

[00:13:09] Then that means that traffic from Google that leads to a purchase of a product on Amazon has to be like the number one thing, that one of the top things that Amazon wants. So if all of these things we decide to accept as true, based on the evidence that I provided in the article, then the next logical step is we've got to start driving that.

[00:13:30] So we've got to start routing people to Google, then refer from Google to Amazon to make a purchase so that we can give Amazon this magical mixture of stuff that they want and reap the rewards thereafter. You mentioned a lot about going back to tiktok, that, which is the thing that I'm kind of interested in a 65,000 actual tiktok callers.

[00:13:55] That's pretty impressive. I mean, I struggled I'm at 20,000 on YouTube and I'm like  65,000. That's insane. One thing, just piqued my curiosity before I get into the absolute serious question, but that's 65,000. I've got a lot of sexy friends that get on ticktack and they actually do like lip sinking and stuff like that.

[00:14:11] Have you had to do any of that or shake out, shake around your booty to get some subscribers or is it all purely like Amazon stuff almost? Well, it's not all Amazon. It's all. Typically a business related. I also share like Google sheets hacks because I use that a lot in my business, Facebook marketing stuff about chatbot.

[00:14:32] I have like five or six videos where I'm dancing, but not like choreography. Like I used to be like a hip hop dancer. So I'm doing that just to kind of like a pattern interrupt, but I have facts about either me or my business on, on, on the screen while I'm doing it. So, so yeah, that's all just business content.

[00:14:51] It's very and tiktok knows that because they, I I'm noticing based on the conversations I've had with other people in their FYP, that stands for, for you page, for those of you who are not on tiktok, that that's the only place that I show up is when people are like very niche down to wanting to learn about business and stuff.

[00:15:11] So I'm definitely going to have to subscribe to your tiktok, whatever it is, to see those dancing videos. That's got me really curious and want to check that out. But, you know, going back to tiktok, I know that recently there's been a lot of speculation in terms of what's going to happen to WhatsApp.

[00:15:24] What's going to happen to tiktok. I know a lot of friends that I have on WhatsApp or like, Hey, follow me here. I'm sorry. I'm talking about Wechat. Follow me here instead of we chat. But what do you think is going to happen or what, what do you think is in the realm for tiktok? I know everything's up in the air.

[00:15:38] Maybe it's not, maybe I missed the news, but who knows? What do you think in your opinion, that's going to go on there. So I actually just did a video on this. All right. So the facts as it, as it is right now, Tiktok partnered up with Oracle Walmart. So as far as the U S is, and specifically Trump and his administration's concerns about security that part's actually been addressed because Oracle's partnership meant that all the servers that would store any user data would be in U S controlled

[00:16:13] You know, cloud space. So none of that would get passed to China, which was the original concern. However, we now have an algorithm problem, kind of the, the golden piece to the, you know, to what makes Tiktok so special. Is there algorithm? Well, suppose that's what everybody says. Here's the thing, big thing that makes Tiktok so different from everybody else.

[00:16:38] Not isn't just the algorithm, but it's the way they serve content. Everybody else is you go out there and you find followers or make friends, and then you see their content. Or you can take an extra step to go explore, and then you can like search hashtags and stuff, but it's such a random mix. Tiktok came in and said, you know what?

[00:17:00] We're going to base the entire thing around you see random people's content, unless you want to take the extra step to go see the ones that you're following and the random people's content. Isn't going to be a crazy like mix where we're not only relying on people using hashtags properly because you can't do that.

[00:17:18] People don't use hashtags properly. We're relying instead on your activity. So they created this algorithm, which is actually an AI that it's a machine learning algorithm that just simply pays attention to your activity. And then based on that activity puts you in content buckets. So everybody's kind of freaking out about like, this is the most special algorithm in social media.

[00:17:41] Well, at the last minute, trying to pass a law, basically putting that type of technology into a prohibited export lists, which means that they can't send the code. To anybody outside of China, the government's okay, which is, it's very unlikely that they're going to give that. Okay. So the reason that's a concern to America is.

[00:18:06] Because that essentially would give China the same power to do what the Russians do on Facebook, which is promote certain content and suppress other content to affect the minds and the hearts of Americans, literally what was, has already been done. And it's probably still continuing on Facebook. They're concerned that China would have that power.

[00:18:29] And anyways, so there obviously talks about how they would recreate the algorithm. Everybody in the media is obviously saying, Oh, well, if they changed the algorithm, Tiktok, won't be the same. That's the heart of it. But these are people that, I mean, I guess they have, they don't have enough faith in the developers that, that they will undoubtedly have access to.

[00:18:53] I personally don't think that the users would see much of a change. The concept is there. They just have to build machine learning algorithms that kind of replicated. I'm not, I don't, I don't, I'm not a developer, but it doesn't sound like insanely impossible to me. In fact, I probably have friends that are convinced that they can do it.

[00:19:12] So, you know, I don't think it's going to be a huge deal if that happens. So. As long as that means that Tiktok is alive and well in the United States, the partnership with Walmart is the part that interests me the most. Because that could very well mean that somebody with decision, decision making, uh, powers is going to be pushing for the social, the social commerce aspect to come to fruition faster.

[00:19:41] It already exists in the Chinese version. So I'm hoping that that means that Walmart is going to take a stake in, you know, continuing to build out their e-commerce dominance or an attempt at developing an eCommerce dominance. And that starts by pushing social commerce through Tiktok. So I predict that as long as everybody that's involved is making the right decisions and we will start being able to see, you know, brand and business pages with a buy now button, maybe similar to like shoppable posts on Instagram or whatever.

[00:20:15] And that might even build out to entire storefronts that can exist on the platform. But. Uh, it's definitely an exciting concept and I can't wait to see what, what it actually turns into. Right. I, for one have to say that I feel like Walmart’s kind of the, they been the underdog for so long that now they're very sneaky and it's almost like they have a little shank and they're following Amazon and it's like prison shank.

[00:20:40] So they're doing the whole prison shank behind this, like elephant's back and who knows what's going to happen. If something like that, where we're to really come to fruition, but you know, going back to, you spoke a lot earlier about something called PFR, which a lot of the actual listeners do, you know what that is, but some of the people that are brand new to that actual concept might not know what it is.

[00:20:58] Do you want to talk about what this PFR tool that you've had in developed for quite some time is, and why it's going to be a game changer when it comes to Amazon. So PFR stands for purchase frequency rank, and it means exactly what it sounds like. It means in relation to a search frequency rank. So we know that Amazon essentially ranked every keyword with a search frequency rank based on how frequently it's searched.

[00:21:25] Now, the thing is, is SFR isn't necessarily an indication of sales because while most searches are purchase intent, a most shoppers don't only use one search. They follow rabbit trails or they do multiple searches and then most shoppers don't go to the platform and purchase right away. So that means a lot of searches are happening that don't end in a sale that day.

[00:21:54] With that, this is all all going to affect what that SFR number looks like. And that isn't going to mean that the proportion of SFR is, is even remotely equal to the purchase. So purchase frequency rank is what shows you the keywords that, or resulting in a purchase. These are essentially the most purchase intent keywords that you can find.

[00:22:23] And there will be a difference between that rank and SFR. And that's why it's so valuable. We've been working on this tool for so long because it is it's complex how to come up with it, how to find it, how to tweak it and make it right. It's a lot more complex than I think a lot of us had originally anticipated, but because of our dedication to quality.

[00:22:46] We're not looking to push something out half-ass so we're making sure that this stuff works. We're testing it against proven data from, you know, ourselves and colleagues that are allowing their information to be shared, just to make sure that what we're giving people is truly a list of purchasing 10 keywords that they can optimize for

[00:23:10] And their, First and foremost, their PPC and then in their promotion strategy. And then finally in their SEO that will ideally lead to a market increase and the amount of sales that they make, whether they're already on top of the game, or they're just launching, like the end result is ideally that these keywords lead to.

[00:23:35] A percent increase in sales, which is obviously going to be more profit and that's our end goal. Right. And you know, Anthony, so, sorry, go ahead. I was just going to ask before you asked him Howard, I just wanted people to know where they can find more information about where exactly can people find more information about this tool if they wanted to have access to this data.

[00:23:56] So we do have a services page for PFR on the site website. Right now it tells you a little bit about it, but the best, the best results are going to come from actually running a report. And we've decided to go ahead and let the first report be free. So when the tool is live and anybody that's attended a PPE of it.

[00:24:19] will actually have access to it before anybody else does. But as soon as we're able to with confidence, put that out there, or we're going to let people run it for themselves. And then you will see without having to, you know, look at all the marketing, speak on the website, you'll see for yourself like what it is that we're delivering.

[00:24:40] And then hopefully use that information and test against it and be convinced and then want more. So, um, from your last talk, you were talking about some Pinterest ads. Have you, is there anything else that you actually found any new, uh, theories or new

[00:25:00] findings that you can talk about? So based on my tests and based on tests from, from other people, we found that, uh, all right, the share links on your, on your Amazon listing, there seems to be some intent behind that.

[00:25:14] If you do a share link that says other, it doesn't appear that it says power and the other is where you would do Instagram. For example, we tested that against Instagram. You know, there's obviously some, some result there, but not anything that's like, okay, this is clearly giving an edge. Pinterest does still seem to have more power than that.

[00:25:35] And that's when you use the Pinterest share link and then you put it on a Pinterest post and then you run your traffic through Pinterest because Amazon appears to value, I guess, because Pinterest users tend to come to the platform and shop. And they value that more. And that's the reason why there isn't an Instagram share button.

[00:25:56] So I would say that that's definitely viable. Obviously the Google stuff is it's a little bit more powerful, but if you know, the name of the game is diversifying and as far as ads are concerned, so I've been doing a lot of tests on this and unfortunately, it's, it's actually really weird. People on Facebook are conditioned to totally be okay with this idea of a rebate.

[00:26:20] People on Pinterest and Snapchat are very resistant, but I have found, and this is, this is actually really, will probably be really helpful. Snapchat. Because their ad platform, because their ads, their ad platform has such good targeting and their audience, millennials who utilize e-commerce a lot Snapchat, it's actually an ads.

[00:26:46] There is actually great, yeah place for eCommerce. They might not necessarily respond to rebate agates, but when running coupon ads on there, it actually outperforms my Facebook ads, which is, I mean, that was a shocker. So.

[00:27:00] When you're diversifying your promotions, if you do coupon deals, I would definitely recommend testing Snapchat.

[00:27:09] Yeah. Ads, because they'll probably perform really well there, especially if you have your targeting down and they do accept custom audiences too. So if you have your buyer list and emails, then you can actually create a customer audience and then create a lookalike same way you do on Facebook. On Snapchat.

[00:27:25] Amazing. Yeah. That's, that's true. Really amazing information. So one other thing, Anthony, that we did talk about earlier, again, going back to analytics, I just wanted to let people know. I, I, as the MC gets certain perks and one of those perks is I've actually already seen some of the reports that they actually come out with.

[00:27:40] And I will say to people out there, me being an Amazon seller, they've been absolutely. Almost game changing for the information that the data that I got to have. So I will kind of, it's a teaser for you guys. It's not too much of a spoiler, but she's a teaser. So you will be thrilled to make sure you do get over to that URL.

[00:27:57] Anthony mentioned, and again, as I said before, since I've, I've got this like squirrel syndrome where as soon as the squirrel runs out in front of me, I chase it. And then I forget what the heck idea I had. Anthony. There's something that I wanted to ask you from a purely. It's purely selfish perspective.

[00:28:11] Obviously I'm using it to get the data in your mind. And I'm sure a lot of people are probably thinking this. So can you tell us a little bit more about the rebates now and the testing that you've been doing with ManyChat and what you've seen? So definitely the key now seems to be diverting traffic around without going into too much detail because the sequences and flows are proprietary and learning about how so obviously external traffic is good, but Amazon store relies a lot on their internal traffic too.

[00:28:41] Right. They have all of these rabbit trails as Howard likes to call them for a reason. So. I'm learning that there are certain rabbit trails that you can send people pull down on the Amazon platform before you get them to buy your product. And that accelerates ranking benefits dramatically. Like, I mean more so than I've ever seen before.

[00:29:09] So there's still a lot to be done there, but the moral of the story is these Shabbat flows. Basically. It's not about like running people through hoops. Literally you set it up like, Hey, you know, we're a small company and we're trying to get your, your ideas or, or, you know, doing market research or whatever.

[00:29:30] We need you to go do this first. And then you have them perform certain activity, whether it be on Amazon or off of Amazon and that activity, whatever it is, counts for something, when they, I only ended up on your listing and they make a purchase. Amazon looks at either the rabbit trails, they followed on their own website or the refer from.

[00:29:51] Where they came from off of Amazon. And when it, it all looks organic and they're all looks like people were, were spending time on the Amazon website. And they were interested in finding a product that would really meet their needs and they found it and they bought it. And that sends a signal. Hence, you know, Signalytics.

[00:30:09] That's what we're all about. That sends a signal to Amazon that this product needs ranking. So, so far chatbots are the most effective way that I've found to do that, that we are working on a solution that exists outside of chatbots. That's accessible to people that may not necessarily use messenger.

[00:30:27] Cause believe it or not, there are some people that don't use messenger, but. That's been a challenge just because nothing really works the way that the chat bot does. And then eventually messenger is going to merge with Instagram, private messaging and, and then. There'll be less of a reason to want to go outside of it, but obviously we're always going to innovate regardless, but as long as you can control the flow of that conversation and then get people to,

[00:31:00] and then I'll give you this advice too, the more, the more organic you can make the interaction.

[00:31:06] Right? Because it all seems like manipulation, but it's really not like if you can get them to organically go and. Go here and look at this and tell us what you think or tell us what you find or what, you know, what aspects of that are best for you as a shopper? The more you can actually. Integrate organic activity into that flow, the better it's going to work.

[00:31:26] And that's, what's been working like gangbusters for us. Yeah. That was all pretty amazing. Like I, for one say that I'm a really hardcore user of chatbots and as most people are saying out there, the actual. Their ability to rank is slowly kind of deteriorating, particularly with the, with the traffic coming from Facebook, everyone right now is doing it.

[00:31:47] Everybody that's been in the business awhile and knows what to do is doing it. But as we talked about, Anthony is part of the next generation of chatbots, which are using all these social signals from all different. Different places, like way different places. Like you talked about Snapchat and you talked about Pinterest, you talked about a lot of things that I'm not even touched.

[00:32:06] So I'm definitely excited for any updates that you have on that, that you could actually speak about at the event. And I'm sure that and people out there are as well, because like I said, a lot of people just like to wait and see what happens and then kind of react. So we kind of let the pioneers go forth and, you know, sometimes that's great if you're somebody like Anthony who can weather the storm, but you know, sometimes the first pioneers.

[00:32:27] That landed, who knows on America, they could have gotten eaten by a bear or something, you know? So I'm kind of like gets the cheese, I'm waiting for Anthony to go do all the dirty work of heavy work, and then I'll just come in and figure things out later. I'm fine with that. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there.

[00:32:43] We're fine with that too. But any last words from you, Anthony, before we say goodbye to you, I think you've actually kind of been amazing. And I think that the amount of things that you could speak about at the next event is like pretty much. Like it's like limitless. We might even just do a poll for the audience and make it a lot easier for you that way.

[00:33:00] One of the, several different things that you just talked about right now are all things that can be very fascinating topics in my opinion. Right on, um, for parting words, I would just say, you know, if you're, if you're trying to, if you're in this space and you're anything like me, and you're trying to innovate on, on what the next best move for your brand would be, you know, Focusing on like one ranking hack.

[00:33:24] Obviously isn't going to take the whole business there. So you really want to think about how does Amazon look, if we're just talking about Amazon, Amazon is very focused on the customer journey. So they're focused on that then. How do you stay two steps ahead of them? How can you have as much control we're all over the customer journey as possible.

[00:33:46] And if you think in terms of that, then you'll start thinking ahead of right. What can we do next? Right. So part of the customer journey maybe is their social media. One thing we haven't even tested and touched yet is, I mean, we we've started to, but. We're not fully into yet is customer interactions with influencers.

[00:34:07] Right. And not just like, Hey, I paid somebody with a hundred million followers on YouTube to do a promo video. Like literally, how do users find these influencers? What influencers are they finding? And what does it take for them to, to listen to a recommendation? How can you have some control over that?

[00:34:27] There's a millions of directions. You can go with that line of thinking, but if you think that way you will always be two steps ahead of algorithm changes. So I want to part with that. Yeah. Amazing. Thanks so much for that. That was great information. How we let's get some parting words from you. You haven't said too much.

[00:34:44] Let's bring up you and what's going on in that mind of yours. I know that and how we, the only way that we usually get how we to speak and not stop speaking is I tell you something with a couple shots of tequila. We're not going to be able to get Howie to shut up next time around. We might just bring on the tequila here.

[00:35:02] I got some Don Julio that I'm going to ship you. Actually, uh, my first time Anthony, I believe is, was at one of Mike's event. We actually, I actually gave him a bottle of alcohol. Remember that Anthony, he was like, ready to get, he grabbed that alcohol with Danny as well. I think Brian Johnson was there too, so I gave it to him and then he was like, I think they went to like a side, like a little club or something like that.

[00:35:29] And then somehow I don't, I'm not sure what happened, but after, after that, I think they did. They were drinking a lot or something. I don't know. But yeah, he he's drinks any parties. He's like dances. So it's really cool. And he likes to dance. I really liked that he was like a Bradley as another Bradley with the Zombie sambal or whatever it is he does, but.

[00:35:52] Going back, he also came to my first mastermind. I think it was like in Shenzhen, like in 2018, like when I created my, had my first mastermind, Joshua was there and then Anthony was there. So when he was talking at that, it was more like a share a hack kind of thing at that time. And then it, and then he did a really good job on sharing something that was really interesting to other people.

[00:36:17] So I'm interested in to see what he has to say for this time around on the PPE 2.0, he also liked from the last event that he was at, as well as a speaker, he taught us a lot of crazy stuff. So a lot of crazy stuff, a lot of people like wanted to like just listen to what Anthony had to say. I believe Kevin King was one of them and other than other people were like really fascinated with what Anthony had to say.

[00:36:43] So I'm I'm, I believe a lot of people would be interested to hear what Anthony have to say again. So if you guys are interested, please come and join us. Yeah, absolutely. I was bombarded with texts and he was like, Oh, how could I get Anthony’s slides? People were like, ravenous animals trying to get those slides, but I know that people are, some people are listening to, some people are watching us.

[00:37:04] I know that people are watching us, the people that are listening to us, they obviously didn't see the smile on Howie's eyes when we talked about alcohol and clubbing, those are two of his favorite activities and you will see the real Howie come out when you take him out to either of those two. So as we do get out of our houses, you guys keep that in mind, alcohol and clubbing are the two keys to his heart.

[00:37:23] I, you saw him light up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve night, waiting for Santa to come around. So, all right, Howie. Oh, well, thank you guys so much. If you want to find out more about a tanning, annual ever professor's pandemic event, go to again, that's

[00:37:43] The number two to find out more information about attending the second annual ever professor's pandemic event. Now remember typically those events cost upwards of $13,000. However this, since we're closed off quarantine, we can't do that much. Obviously, actually I'm in Florida. So we kind of go against what the whole rest of the world does.

[00:38:01] We still party, no matter what, but the rest of you guys, guys, who are kind of stir crazy and sick and tired of just being at home alone, join us live for the live stream, where you can attend as I tell people, usually even in your underwear, we wouldn't even see your face if you don't want to show it, we won't see anything.

[00:38:17] You can have, you can be supporting the fro. Like I usually rock the fro. You can do whatever the heck you want. And it's in the comfort of your own home. Not only we, we have speeches by 13 of the brightest and most brilliant Amazon marketing minds out there and overall just e-commerce minds, but we will also have

[00:38:34] Q and A's and interaction with the speakers as well as we interact with each other. So like I said, you're going to get to meet the people that are attending there. It's a mastermind with them. Talk with them about the Amazon business world and how you can improve your business. So a lot of people that attended the previous event, we have a lot of testimonials at that page.

[00:38:51] If you want to go to that page, dot two. So I for one am super fired up. I cannot wait for November, ninth and 10th in the comfort of my own home and how we, Anthony it's as usual, so much fun. I look forward to seeing you guys on the next one and everyone else we'll see you soon.

[00:39:08] Take care. Welcome to the professors podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape. Your host Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.