TPP022 – The Power of the Mind at Play in Amazon Marketing with Ehud Segev

We are back with another set of The Professor's Podcast, this time filled with much more insights and action. Our episode guest, Ehud Segev, is a renowned super mentalist and author of two best selling Amazon books, 9 Steps to Influence and Secrets of the Voice. He started out selling these on Amazon, and few years later, he eventually ended up working with hundreds and hundreds of brands and generating hundreds of millions of dollars with all these brands combined. He merges his advanced knowledge in the subconscious mind with the world of marketing and business. Ehud is also an expert on video production for product listings and is very knowledgeable of the Amazon Live platform. In fact, his is the first channel to stream on the Amazon Live platform, and is currently one of streamers on it. Tune in to know more about Ehud's experience and expertise and discover what other tricks he has under his sleeve.

Topics Covered In this Episode

  • Introduce Ehud Segev

    Who is Ehud Segev and what is he known for? Know a little bit more about the Mentalist and how he started on Amazon.

  • Ehud's Expertise

    What is your foremost expertise inside the whole realm of Amazon?

  • What is Ehud's edge?

    How do you think outside the box compared to other experts out there in your field?

  • Algorithm of Books on Amazon

    Have you noticed any differences in the algorithm of ranking books versus ranking physical products?

  • Amazon Live and should you get in on it?

    What is Amazon Live and how did it start? Is it worthwhile for sellers to get on Amazon Live, and if it is worthwhile, is it difficult for sellers to get an Amazon ID?


    What kind of problems and opportunities do you see Amazon sellers will encounter in 2021?

  • topics ehud will talk about on ppe 3.0

    What three to five topics do you think you could speak about at PPE 3.0 that will wow people and really have them talking about it for the next couple months?

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Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Professors Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape. Your host Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.

[00:00:21] What is up guys and girls, we are back. Professors Podcast is back and we've got a lot of action this time around. I want to remind everybody that PPE 3.0 is going to be starting up very soon. We've already had the very successful 1.0 and 2.0. And without further ado, we're going to jump into what we're going to talk about in PPE 3.0.

[00:00:41] And we have our very first guest. Now remember stay tuned until the end of this actual podcast to get more details about PPE 3.0. and how you can actually sign up for that. And as always, there are a ton of testimonials. On the page are people that ranting and raving about the event, but this time is going to be even better.

[00:00:59] And I'll tell you why. I just happened to meet the most amazing guest, potentially the coolest guest we've ever had on our podcast. He's on here live today, and this guy's got a couple of tricks up his sleeve. I'm really fired up to show you guys what those tricks are as before this, he kind of was talking a little bit.

[00:01:15] The guy is so cool. He's got a symbol like I don't even have a symbol. Howie do you have a symbol? I do actually. You see? Oh yeah, of course you got that Howie. That's like this guy's got a symbol. We're going to introduce him in a little bit here. He goes by the name of Ehud. And right now he's usually out of New York, but he's in Dubai right now.

[00:01:36] So it is very chilly in Dubai and you guys are going to see just how cool he is. And, Howie, how pumped are you to have Ehud as a part of the PPE 3.0. I'm very pumped up. I actually met Ehud on my first, first ever mastermind. It was called the Hackathon back in the day. He was the guy that was late and he had you remember the guy that was late.

[00:02:00] All of a sudden he appeared out of nowhere there was another, a partner of Liz, were there. Yeah, absolutely. I don't know. I don't know. The people heard the story, but I'm actually not as cool as Ehud, but I was cool enough to outsource the entire, sending somebody to Howard's event without a visa to get into China.

[00:02:18] That's how cool I was. I thought I was cool until I met Ehud which incidentally guys and gals, I know nothing about Ehud. Other than I feel his energy, I feel his coolness. And that's why I'm fired up to show you guys what he's got to say. Howie are you ready to introduce Ehud here? Yeah, let's do it. Let's go. Let's do it.

[00:02:34] So , you know, usually we tell people and I feel like this is going to be a different type of interview, which I'm cool with. But earlier, before we got started, you were talking about this. A trick that you do with playing cards. You want to jump into that first, before we talk about who you are and what you've done and why you're super qualified to talk about Amazon, obviously.

[00:02:55] So let's go to get started with your trick. Yeah, that's amazing. So first thing, it's, it's amazing to be here and that as Howie said we actually met in his first mastermind, which is quite a privilege, you know, it's a, it's a big privilege for me to be, you know, one of these early, early, friends of Howard from that specific niche and everything.

[00:03:17] But what, what I really liked about this specific mastermind is the way that, it was a really master mind and the mind is a magnificent thing. You know, our mind is capable of so much things. And I have the authority to say that because I have been working in the mind industry for the past 30 years.

[00:03:39] And, I'm I was actually performing and speaking on stages all over the world from China to India, to Canada, to the States, to Europe, every like over almost a hundred different countries, just talking about the mind, can you imagine what a mastermind that takes? And yeah, and I think that if you learn how to use your mind, you're really able to be capable of doing anything you can, Yeah, you can put your mind to it, right?

[00:04:09] Yeah. I just wanted to play a little bit before we started, but then you said, okay, get, let's start recording it, but I just literally asked you guys to do think of like a random playing card. I wanted to test to see how your mind thinks and works and how hard it was on immediate guest. I looked into his eyes, I immediately said I would, you know, stop thinking of the ACE of spades because that's not how it works.

[00:04:30] And I would just show us your official reaction when, when I said that, that was like I said, that exactly the car I was thinking about, I'm such a I'm, So I'm such a readable, could read me, you know, cause I'm very open and honest and transparent. You had please remind me the next time we all get together that we definitely make sure Howie has plenty of money in his pocket.

[00:04:52] We play poker with him. Absolutely easiest money we ever make. But, but let me try with you now. Here's the thing. I have some playing cards here and might not work because actually this is not a full deck. I actually, I, sometimes I eat some of the cards and throw them away, but, but, but we might want to try, even though it's not a full deck, I want to try something with you.

[00:05:10] So at least I want you to think of a random, completely random card. Okay. Just like literally a random card. So I want to really test it. So this is really the closest thing to like, reading someone's mind or understanding how they think. And it might not work because, you know, it's very hard to do it over the television, but, it to him, it's like this for me for a second.

[00:05:29] And just imagine that one hand has the word. Yes. Sunday. The other one has the word now. No one is, we can literally see that. And you're going to answer my question just by looking at one of these hands, whether it's a yes or no. Now here's the thing is I have no idea what you have either hand can be.

[00:05:44] Yes or no. You chose it. So it's not like I can look at where you're looking at, know what you're thinking? No, it's just for me to read you and we'll try it. We'll try it. So think about this card. And I want you to answer the following question just by looking at the answer. Okay. Uh, is this a red card? Just look at the hand that has the answer on it, whether it's a yes.

[00:06:01] Okay, great. Um, look at me and think if it's a picture card, you know, like Jack queen King, all those, is that a picture card. Okay, good. So look back at me. I don't know, it's kind of hard to read, but, I have a feeling is that an even number that you're thinking of. Okay. Yeah. That's really interesting. You had a little bit of a, a stop.

[00:06:24] You were pausing for just a half a second here where you had to think about it. So let me ask you a different question. Is that a high number, like a high number. Okay. So you're looking at that picture over there. So I have to ask you a question now because it's very hard to read you. It's very, it really isn't I telling you, you have these like many pauses it's I told you not to think of, of like, the queen of hearts.

[00:06:51] Everybody thinks of the queen of hearts and how many times it's up people. But I think you were thinking of, of a similar card to the queen of hearts, right? depends on what you mean by similar. It's similar in that the, yeah, it's a high card like that. Yeah. Yeah. I can, I can. That's that's what I was thinking of.

[00:07:07] So it's like, cause, cause I could really see, it's very hard to, to tell, but I mean, I'll tell you why I'm thinking of it. I'm thinking, I don't have other cards here. But I do think, I do think if I, if I'm getting it right, I wish I had more cards. I wish I had more cards in my hand.

[00:07:31] It's a King, it's a King. And, if I'm getting it right, you were thinking of the King of hearts. Was that the card you were thinking of? Is close Ehud, very close the King of diamonds. Yeah. Yeah. Cause I could feel that it's like, I, I was holding both and I'm like either the King of hearts is gonna, yeah.

[00:07:54] You're a tough one though. You know, usually I get it much faster, but it's like, okay. So yeah, but that's cool. That's great. That was actually really great. I actually used to be a professional poker player, so really? Yeah. Well I actually can see that. Believe it or not just, I told you that it's very hard to beat you and that usually relates to people who are.

[00:08:14] Good at playing poker because they, their tails are very, like, you're not showing, you know, if someone would never play poker or it's not like a professional. Pro poker player immediately gives me all these like, uh, hints and tells just by looking at the card, I can look at his eyes and tell him what card he’s thinking.

[00:08:30] Yeah, that was very impressive. I mean, you guess it was the second one that you guessed and I mean, I mean, it was, it was just a matter of either hearts or diamonds. I think getting that, the fact that it's like a red King. It's pretty, it's really, you know, pretty good. So that's very cool. I'm going to have to practice that and amazed at that, because that was pretty amazing.

[00:08:48] Howie, what did you think that he gets you on the very first card? Howie, what does that tell you about this guy's mind? Well, I, I'm one of those non professional poker player. That means that he should play poker with me. I mean, we got to pick our money. We got to play poker with Howie, without a doubt guys and girls, if you ever attended live person, mess my, please, please, please bring your money, get Howie, Don Julio and you're well on your way to pretty much almost paying for your entire event by getting Howie at the poker table.

[00:09:18] I, you know what, this is all coming together. Now, this is not like some kind of a, of an interview when people are actually asking me or introducing me the right way. This is a very you know, friendly thing cause I mean, Howard, friends for, I think it's like a couple of years by now. Is that true?

[00:09:32] Howie does that three, two, two, one, two, three years now almost. I think it was like April of 2014, my first mastermind in Shenzhen, China. I think that's it. Wow. Wow. Wow. So, so here's the thing. So usually when people are like, you know, introducing me, they tell who I am and they give a little bit brief about my history, but we came up to talk about this power of the mind and I didn't.

[00:09:59] And I said, I am the authority to talk about it, but I didn't even think that way. One of the ways that I became such a big authority in this region is because of Amazon. And this is taking me to a little bit of a showing off. So this is a ten second show up. Guys. Just real know who I am. I am the author of these two books, which became a number one best selling books on Amazon using a lot of great methods that we did.

[00:10:23] So this is, this was my first book it's called Nine Steps to influence that's me when I was older, I'm just getting a picture of Mitch. But this was my first book that I am literally, I taught, I teach how to influence people's minds and this book is called secrets of the voice. And my books were translated to a few languages, German, uh, Russian, uh, uh, different languages like this.

[00:10:48] And, and it's quite amazing to see this was my first journey into Amazon, 10 years ago. So when I started selling on Amazon, I literally started by selling books. You always, uh, you always think about it, how Amazon started with books and nobody even thought about selling physical products over there, but when Amazon were already big and stuff, I was just starting my way by, by selling my books and making a few thousand dollars every month.

[00:11:15] And I was like, look on the way. I'm like, wow, this Amazon thing actually works. And one of the things I really love is that this, this product right here is the print on demand. You know, when they just announced that I was low in away by the fact that I can literally write my content and create a book out of it.

[00:11:34] And I don't even have to go to like a publisher or a printer, a thousand books, I can literally have one printed and shipped to a customer that would. That was mind boggling. So, so this was just one. This is how I first started working with Amazon. Of course, eventually I ended up, you know, working with hundreds and hundreds of brands and generating, as I would know, um, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars with all the, with all these brands combined.

[00:12:00] So so it's a privilege to be here. Thank you so much for making this all happen. I didn't even think about it. I just pulled those two book books from the, from the box I have here and now that you know who I am and you know why I'm working with the power of the mind and how to merge it all into marketing, we can actually officially start this podcast.

[00:12:19] So hi guys, how are you? Fantastic. That was, that was amazing Ehud. I know how he's got a couple of questions for you, but I just want him to say. That was pretty amazing. Obviously, like I told you, I could feel your energy from across the screen. And I was like, this is going to be a very fun interview.

[00:12:33] So I'm excited to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve, literally. Right in. Howie take it away. So, Ehud is like really well known in, I guess the first set of first couple of people who did Amazon in Israel. Correct. Am I correct? it's correct. I owned a chain of restaurants in Israel.

[00:12:55] And we were actually sitting in the Seaport in my restaurant in Tel Aviv in terms of Seaport. And [we were seven people, seven people selling on Amazon in Israel, and now there's 7,000 people selling on Amazon as well. So he knows all the people that some of the people that have been on our show before, NITSA and Quantified Ninja, shoot.

[00:13:19] I'm sorry.

[00:13:23] are all very good friends of mine. We are. Yeah. They're like, he's a celebrity actually in Israel. I believe that I feel like we had the guy to go to Dubai, Israel, you name it. That's a guy to hang out with. He'll take you to all the coolest spots. Okay. My first question here Ehud so, uh, what do you consider yourself?

[00:13:44] the foremost expert in, at, when we're calling, when we're talking about Amazon alone, like, what is, what are the, what are the deep domain expertise that you have. So, you know, as someone who literally started selling on Amazon so many years ago, it comes without saying that I did have a chance to learn and touch all the aspects of the business.

[00:14:03] I own a few brands myself. I have my own warehouse, my own team working on, on dealing with all these things then, uh, our entire production system. But, but as time progresses, progressed, I actually took my knowledge of, of productions of being on TV, being on television. I did a lot of TV appearances throughout the world.

[00:14:25] They did a lot of shows, videos, movies, and all that stuff. And, and then I just started, once Amazon allowed people to actually put videos on their product listing, which happened probably six years ago, if I'm not mistaken. Uh, and they realized that the world is moving to video, I said, okay, that's a great chance for me to take all my experience, to take all my knowledge and bring it into the, uh, to the marketing field.

[00:14:50] And that's when I actually started creating videos for product listings on Amazon. And I was blown away by the fact that, Hey, This is unlike any other marketing video out there. This is not like a, a, a commercial that you put on television. This is not like a video that you see in the, in the theaters before you see a movie and you see some kind of, uh, it's, it's so different by essence, because here you're actually showing a video, which is a funnel size video.

[00:15:16] And you're showing it inside a product listing where, where people can literally click on that video. And the second later buy this product added to their cart and checkout. So I moved, I was blown away by the fact that it's so different than any other source of video that you can produce out there. And I've learned so much, so much from that.

[00:15:34] And I became that's when I became like really big in Israel back then, because we had our studios in Israel in August, like sellers started coming to me and saying, Hey, can you produce a video for our product listing? Because, you have to understand guys that producing a video for your product listing is truly different than doing a video for your Facebook, for YouTube or for anything else.

[00:15:55] This is something that has its own unique perks, you know, unique approach. And I started doing it and it was amazing. We came with this great concept and it was doing so well. And we started putting those videos that Amazon literally made us one of the things. Five only companies I'm talking about six days ago, one of the five companies in the world that were able to literally go inside and put those videos in the product listings.

[00:16:17] So that was a wonderful thing, but it brings me back to two years ago, two years ago I'm getting a, an email from, from a guy that used to work with the Amazon, the video department. And now he moved to a new department in Amazon called Amazon. Live. And he calls me up and says, Hey good. So you've been doing all these amazing videos and how, uh, what's it like for you to view actually starting to do live videos and I'm like, um, Well, that's very challenging because we have all the, everything we need to create, you know, amazing videos.

[00:16:48] We have the studios, we have the actors, we have the talent, but to do a live broadcast, you have to really create a studio that has the, the, the is to, you know, have more cameras, online switching, live switching of cameras and, and special layers and all that stuff. And adding all these videos in. I said I'm in for the challenge, but I want to come talk to you, see exactly what we're doing.

[00:17:07] Cause they have some kind of a request to do that. So here I find myself flying to America from Israel and meeting with, uh, with the Amazon alive, uh, and talking to them and tell them, okay guys, so here's what we want. So you started launching this platform. Nobody knows about it. It's brand new. You just offering it to like big brands, because those are the only ones who can actually afford doing like live streams.

[00:17:29] I want to have the ability to have my own channel. I want to have the ability to have the option of streaming on behalf of third party sellers. I want to be able to be to them on behalf of other people that are swimming in the network. Uh, that are selling on Amazon. And I want to be able to stream on behalf of people who don't have brand registry.

[00:17:47] And if you say, yes, I'm going to go back to Israel, invest a hundred thousand dollars in old equipment I need in order to make this happen. And they said, yes. And there you go. Howard, I became the first, the first channel to stream on the Amazon live platform. And, you know, since then history in the making, we are currently the biggest channel when I was a, nobody seems more than us, even not the Amazon live channel themselves.

[00:18:12] They have their own Amazon channel. We just drink from day to night and we have over 30 talents. And we opened our studios in America, just because we needed to have the, the ability to do that in the right hours in Israel. It was a diff different hour thing. So, so I think that today, because I was the first one, um, and because I have so much data that I correlated through these, like 20 months, I think it's 20 months since, since Amazon actually launched Amazon life officially launched.

[00:18:41] So I would say that today, even though I know a lot about Amazon in and out understanding the Amazon live platform is an Amazon video. It was, uh, uh, in general is probably my, my biggest forte. Okay. Actually, Ehud has a lot of othertalents that, uh, I, he hasn't really said too much about, but I'll, I'll, I'll kind of talk about it later, later, but, I have another question here.

[00:19:08] So how do you think outside the box compared to your other experts out there in your field? Can you let us know, let the world know more about you. Okay. So, thanks for, for giving me the stage dimension that. I started, I became very bigger than Amazon in Israel. One of the few people in Israel based on one thing, is that like how would say I was thinking outside of the box?

[00:19:34] I think that my first realization was when I took the first ASM course. I was actually, ASM many people know or heard that. It's like, uh, It's getting this it's disappearing in fading slowly because it was such a big thing back then, ASM amazing selling machine. They were, they were really great.

[00:19:50] They were like, um, one of the first ones to actually create a as, uh, Um, a lesson based modules, you know, course out there. So I was their third generation of ASMs and a three. And what I learned from them, I learned a lot, by the way, I give them a lot of the credits because I never believed that they will ever selling physical products.

[00:20:12] I was selling books and I said, Hey, I'm making so much money from selling books. Why not, you know, take these scores. I've spent $5,000. See what's getting out of it. I was blown away, but then I came to Vegas and they had this big convention of everybody who signed up and I go into the room and they see we thousand sellers in that room.

[00:20:31] And I remember posting a little video for that and sending it to my seven friends in Israel that we were doing. And I said, Hey guys, meet your future competition. Um, and then I realized it. I said, whatever they teach. I have to do something different and you know, a lot of people, and this is basically what you're doing.

[00:20:50] How would you know, being in your mastermind? I figured that that, you know, when everybody's going on the mainstream, everybody has some kind of a status score. This is what you have to do. So we guys, the mastermind people, the people who have to, to make it really big in Amazon must do it differently. They must do things that other people will not do, but they also have to keep, you know, certain rules and guidelines in order to succeed.

[00:21:14] You can't just take a random product that is not selling and has a million BSR. You know, nobody's looking at it and you can make it into magic, even though those things didn't happen in the past with the right ways and methods, but really. Learning what they teach the masses and where they say stop.

[00:21:30] That's where we start. Okay. So, so here's the concept again, where everybody is saying, that's what you do, and this is how you should do it, but where they say, stop here. This is where you actually go in. So let me give you an example. So people understand what I mean. So they were showing that module and they explained, okay guys, so we need to find the winning products.

[00:21:50] The winning product must have this specific BSR. Let's say, I don't know, between 10,000 to 50,000 and it has to be in that price range between this and that. And it cannot be in this specific category because it's too saturated. You take this information. And you're like, okay. So it has to be between 10,000 to 50,000.

[00:22:08] So we'll take it between 1000 to 10,000 or between 50,000 to a hundred thousand. You know, we'll find something where they say stop. That's where you start. You still keep on learning everything you need to learn. Okay. So between 1000 to 10,000, going to be a much more competitive, it's fine. We'll find a way to do it.

[00:22:22] And you, you're not going to this specific category because it's too saturated. Great. So this. 3000 people I see in front of me, I'm not going to go there because they told them not to go there. That's what we're going to go there. And you're going to order up to 500 units. Okay. After the 500 units, let's get, you know, more than 500 units so we can double or triple or do whatever they are doing to do it bigger.

[00:22:41] You know, just find ways to do like seeing what they teach and trying to find a way to. Set yourself apart from that, uh, from that group. And the reason, the main reason, like I remember that, um, one of the things that they said, if you can't get 500 units, don't go into that product because you don't want to take a big risk.

[00:22:58] But then I see these products that you have a minimum and I kid you not an MOQ of 25,000 units. And I understand that most people will not be able to spend the money that is necessarily too great, that MOQ of 25,000 products, because that's the way the machines work. It's like, it's a smaller product, but they cannot manufacture less than this quantity.

[00:23:19] If you want it your way, or you want it your own, you know, product. And that was my second product that they did a manufacturer. The second product they did, my first product was a big success. Like I did a lot of, you know, things. I went to a different category than they recommended, and I was becoming a big success.

[00:23:34] I was making a lot of money. I said, okay, my second product is going to break that rule and I'm going to create it at 25,000. And so I know that my competition is they can't do that. They can't do that. And this is how. Thinking outside of the box. And by the way, this product jumped from making $5,000 to $20,000 to $50,000 to a hundred thousand dollars a month.

[00:23:54] That was crazy. That was magic, but it also had a pattern. Okay. That's a great story. I'm going to tell you if you, in two, three minutes, just because it's, it's just a part of your question, Howard, of how we think outside the box. So I'm doing this product in the beauty category and it's doing so much money and there's a reason why it's making so much money because there's a patent on that product by L'Oreal one of the biggest really ramps.

[00:24:18] So they send me a letter season to seize your gym, your gun. I have. I have 20,000 products still selling like crazy, just sold 5,000, have 20,000 more. I spent 200,000 on creating. It's just crazy. And I'm getting this isn't. This is now I can't afford, stop selling these products because I spent all my money on these products.

[00:24:40] And what am I going to do with all these pallets of products? Where am I going to take it? I mean, Israel, these are products are selling in America. That was such a crazy time. So I go to these lawyers, this patent lawyers in the old one, 5,000, 10,000, $15,000, just to start some kind of a conversation in fight with L'Oreal because it's so big.

[00:24:56] And I understand that I have to think outside of the box, there's no way I could find fight these things. So here's what I do. So I go to a, not to a patent lawyer because they couldn't afford one. I'm actually going to a patent technical writer, the people who are writing patents, the technical people that know how to take a patent and file it to the authorities.

[00:25:21] And I come to them and I say, listen, If I want to write a patent, tell me what's the process I need to go through in order to file a patent and how I need to do it. So expense everything in a listing, and I'm listening to them learning it. And I understand that the patent must never be used before in order for it to be accepted.

[00:25:36] And I'm like, okay, how much does it cost me to try to file for a patent? And, and used you as someone who will do the research and write that patent for me. And it's much cheaper than, you know, fighting with them in court. And he says, well, you know, you're a young man, everything that like that, I can do it for a thousand dollars.

[00:25:54] I'm like, okay, that's fine. Next thing I do is I call the biggest corporation in America for a lawyer, a company that works with packets and all those things. And I say, I don't want to hire you, but I want to know how much you will charge for one hour. One hour of your time, how much will it cost? And he says it's $500 an hour.

[00:26:10] I say, okay, it's fine. Let me be in touch with you. And they go back to the guy and I say, okay, here's the, I think they want you to write for me. And I give him the patent that L'Oreal has. I'm not giving him a, not saying, L'Oreal saying, this is the patent I want you to write for me. Go ahead. And, and, and can you make a, an application for that?

[00:26:28] And he starts his research. And of course, two, three days later I'm getting a phone call. He says, it's impossible to ride this path and in why it's like, well, there's a bunch of people who actually filed for this patent before. And one of them is L’oreal and I'm like, wait, But there are out there.

[00:26:41] People who tried to file for it. It's okay. There's a bunch of things that I discovered with, with what's that one of the biggest brands in America, that used to have some kind of a cleaning product, Proctor and gamble. I think that had a cleaning product. Yeah. You use the same formula.

[00:26:58] Like the one that L'Oreal ends up using in their cosmetics and like, they also use it. I'm like, wait. Okay. So tell me more about it. So basically we have a patent, but it's backend was already created in a, in a you know, cleaning company. It's like, yeah. So there's some problems with that. I'm like, yeah,

[00:27:14] we can try this patent, because L'Oreal already had to have a patent, but you said that there was an expired patent by Procter and gamble. Is there a way that maybe L’oreal I'll patent also, it's not a promise. It's like, yeah, of course. I mean, if you were there at the time when L'Oreal were filing the thing you could have said, you could have complained and say, Hey, this is a peninsula that existed.

[00:27:33] Let's cancel their, their patent. Okay. I called the lawyer that the L'Oreal lawyer next telling him, listen, I, I can't afford fighting with your in court, but I'm asking you to give me a license to sell this product. Even though you have the patent because they know that there's some problems with that and all that stuff.

[00:27:54] And it's like, okay, let me check it out and I'll get back to you. It gets back to me after a couple of days and he sends me an email. I still have that email. I spoke to the people that owns the patent and they refuse to give you a license. You have to remove all the products. I'm like what is going on?

[00:28:09] That doesn't make sense. So I call back there, the, my, my Israeli guy and I tell him, okay, I think we're going to have to file this, this patent, to tell the, to tell the US patents, if we want to file it because not to find them, but to cancel their patent from 15 years ago, because it was interfering with other patents and all that stuff.

[00:28:31] So was like, are you sure? I'm like, yay, I'd be refused. And I actually checked with double-check and I said, are you sure as that you don't want to give me license because I might do something about it. And they're like, no, they started I'm a tiny little person tried, tried to sell. And they said no. And I said, okay, do it.

[00:28:44] And I paid him a thousand dollars and he went and he did all the research. He integrated the entire file of. Is, if you want to file a new, a new patent that you see all these rejections. And then I take this entire file. And I, and I call this lawyer in New York and I say, you remember, you told me you're going to charge $500 per hour.

[00:29:01] And I couldn't afford more than that. I didn't want to start spending 5,000, 10,000, 15,000. Like they wanted just to start this fight. And he said, yeah, I, I can give you an a one hour consultation for $500. I said, I don't want to consult. I want to pay you $500 and I want to send you a report. 70 pages report of why L'Oreal needs to get their patent completely removed.

[00:29:28] And right. I want you to call the lawyer that, you know, that was sending me this letter and just read from a script that I'm going to write to you literally. So I'm not going to wait for me. I'm not just trying, you know, don't read for my scrape, but get the idea. And I'm sending him this text and I'm saying this.

[00:29:46] I have discussed summer. This is what they literally wrote to him. I have this customer in Israel and he got the cease and desist letter from you. And he asked you for a license to do that. And to pay you royalties for the product 5% royalties, you  know, it's better for him than, you know, spending those thousands of dollars, but he said that you refused.

[00:30:04] And he came to me and he, and he just offered me to start this, uh, this, uh, Court fight with you. And he said that he's going to cancel your pattern. And I see his report. And I think that he's got a case and guys just going on court and spending those thousands of thousands of dollars. I don't think it's worth it for you because of that 5% royalties that you can make from this guy, the money that you're going to make, or the money that you're going to lose from this fight.

[00:30:26] And he's got a, he's got a, he's got a point here and I'm just telling you, I didn't tell him that I'm going to call you. I'm just telling you to you as a lawyer to lawyer, I'm literally writing this to him. And he says, and he gets it and he's laughing and he's saying, okay, let me do that. And, and then paying him $500 for that one hour call.

[00:30:43] After one hour, I'm getting a cold phone. And I said, listen, I spoke to the lawyer and tomorrow you're going to get a license agreement, from a L'Oreal. And this would happen. So literally this is truly thinking outside of the box, instead of going to court and fighting for $5,000, they literally said a big, no, you have to remove all your products.

[00:31:02] I put a leverage on top of them. I went, instead of a lawyer, I went to a technical person that that's his work. He did the research and created a file as if we want to find a new report, we realized it's going to be impossible. L'Oreal sees this file. Understands that, Hey. Well, we don't want to spend 10, $20,000 on lawyer fees when we can actually make the same money from royalties from this company selling this product.

[00:31:27] And I ended up with a nice list to sell this product. That's it? Oh, it's a great story. I mean, were you going to say something I'm going to say this is an impressive, impressive. Yeah, very good. You know, there's a lot of impressive things that you've said, and, uh, it brings up a ton of questions for me, but the first one is kind of a basic one.

[00:31:48] I have a lot of followers in the book niche, and most of them are Kindle, Kindle, direct publishers and things of that nature. Knowing that you sold books, I'm not sure if you sent them an Amazon sold them FB and, or used the Kindle platform, but have you noticed a big difference in the algorithms with books versus FBA?

[00:32:08] Because. Oh, the thing that I see among book marketers is that a lot of them aren't doing the typical things that FBA marketers are doing, which as we know, FP, marketers are not entirely different scale of. They just excel at everything. They've just gotten so good because a lot of them attend Howie's events.

[00:32:24] So they're naturally much smarter, but have you noticed any differences in the algorithm of ranking books versus ranking physical products? So, I have to admit that after making a few thousand dollars selling these books, I'm keen bill and, uh, and it's physical books. And also I made audible versions of them, you know, like Audi books making a few thousand dollars compared to making a few hundred thousand dollars.

[00:32:51] You can imagine lease that. Very fast. I stopped worrying about the books, sales and I was concentrating more on the actual FBA physical, uh, I never shipped, uh, books to BA I always use the print on demand so people could actually get that book for $17 and I'm paying Amazon two, $3 to print it on demand and shipping to the person.

[00:33:10] I can tell you this, when I'm looking at 10 years ago, when I started selling these books, I was making a lot of money and then sales start dropping down a little bit. And, uh, and then I started studying that ASM, that amazing selling machine, course. And they were giving us all these tools, uh, using all these super URLs, which was like a magic for us back then, nothing, you know, it's barely working these days in Amazon, you know, became much, much smarter, but back at the time, I was able to.

[00:33:39] Revive my book sales, just using these things. So back at the time it worked, I was able to take some keywords and leverage them to actually push my books up up the ranking. And nobody else was doing it back at the time. And I don't know if anybody's doing it today because it doesn't make a lot of financial sense because books are not making as much money as physical products.

[00:34:00] And that's why I'm not going to tell you. I know, I don't know this was my experience many years ago, and now we're just. I don't care as much about it because it's not generating just like one, 2% of in, in a big ocean, you know? So I don't concentrate it condensed milestone. Right. Okay. Great answer. And going back to another thing you mentioned, you talked a lot about Amazon live and you being one of the biggest producers on Amazon life.

[00:34:22] Let me ask you this question for the people watching that have brands. And obviously there's a lot of brands on Amazon live. I just kind of glanced at it as you were speaking. Is it worthwhile for them to first of all, get on Amazon life. And if it is worthwhile, is it difficult for them to get an Amazon ID?

[00:34:37] Is it like an invite only, or is there a way that they can apply to actually be put on Amazon life? So Amazon lab is a, is a service that Amazon are offering all the brands which are brand registered. So if you are a brand registered a brand on Amazon, you might have a chance to do that. There's a few great things about Amazon live.

[00:34:56] There's a few, not so great things about Amazon, like, well, um, for me, it's someone who sees so much data and so much data points because we work with a bunch of influences on Amazon live and our own channel, which is running almost from morning till night, non-stop, uh, is the following first things.

[00:35:14] First, Amazon live is the way to go live streaming and that's something that probably Howard can tell you in China is one of the biggest, biggest sales sponsor in the e-commerce industry. And in reading articles from Taobao, all the Alibaba group, all these like about how, how the live streaming, uh, is.

[00:35:35] Attribute it to, I don't know, sometimes 10% of the entire sales for that month. Sometimes 30% in specific sales day sales days. And that's something that I do have I didn't have it actually printed out. I don't even know if I have it here either, but just by typing Amazon, not Amazon. Sorry. Um, livestreams China livestream.

[00:35:56] E-commerce, you'll read a lot of articles from Forbes, from CNBC, from the biggest newspapers and magazines that are telling how live streaming is going to take over the world. And why. And the reason is very simple. All this pandemic changed the way people buy products. We, we no longer go to the store and, and holding the product and taking a look at it and filling it in and smelling it.

[00:36:17] If it's a bloody product or whatever, we are actually relying on the internet to provide that product to us. Now, let's think about our mind for a second. We're so used to doing something and all of a sudden. Does an abrupt, like a change in our perception. We're no longer going to a store to buy a product.

[00:36:37] We're buying it online. And now imagine just for a second that you have someone. In that store and you hold them and you say, Hey buddy, can you take a look at that product that you heard about? Can you pick it up for me for a second? And he picks it up in the store and let's look at it and, and ask him, uh, let's do our live.

[00:36:54] Let's do a, you know, whatever you use FaceTime, you know, show me the product. Okay. Is it made of metal? What does it smell? Like? Does it look rigid? Does it, is it strong? What do you think? And the guy was like, yeah, that, that looks like a good product. You know, it's like, it's middle it's like this brass.

[00:37:11] Style it has this plastic, this button, um, it looks pretty good. This product doesn't look as good. This, uh, cover here. It's a little bit too flimsy. It doesn't, it's chipping. And all of a sudden something changes. Now imagine that the body is not really your body, but it's someone in Amazon doing an Amazon live, holding that product in his studio and IX, and he's accepting those live chats.

[00:37:36] People can actually talk to him and say, Hey. Why is that product better than this other product? Or what's your experience? You know what? It's like, it's changing so many things. It gives so much more credibility to the product. Now that's a great thing, right? It's an amazing thing, but what's not so good about it is that if I take a look and I see a Sony video, or let's say a Samsung video, and this Samsung representative is sitting there talking about the product I'm like, so tell me about this photo.

[00:38:04] Cause the good of course, it's going to say it's good. So wait. So we need the third ADI authority to say that it's good and not Samsung themselves because of course some are going to say their product is the best, but we already know that that's what they're going to say is buyers as buyers. Our mind is programmed to ignore words like the best, the greatest, the prettiest we're ignoring this, unless.

[00:38:28] It's coming from an authority and authority is a third party theme person, entity that we rely on. And when they say, Hey, we checked that product and we can tell you that's a really good product. We start listening to what they said, because we know everybody promises. They're the best I call it slogans because it's a slogan.

[00:38:49] Every single person in the world, you know, I used to write hundreds of hundreds of Amazon listings and I could see the difference between product listings that I was writing. And my team was waiting to product listings before we were right. And then we would see the conversion rate. And the reason why we saw those huge changes is because we understood how the human mind works.

[00:39:10] The human mind will not believe you. If you say that is a great product, you know why? Because watch this amazing thing leaves right now, watch this. Okay. This is an amazing product. This is an amazing product. This is an amazing product list. You can take that word. I'm going to give you a golden nugget right now, but one of my biggest secrets that I teach my team of creative writers.

[00:39:35] If you can take what you just wrote and attach it to every single product you see on the table, that's a slogan deleted immediately, immediately, right? If you write something, which is a true benefit for someone buying this product, use it. I can say about this product, that the liquid inside will stay hot for hours, but I can not say that on this iPhone cover or on this supplement, I cannot.

[00:40:12] Then I know that I have some kind of a true benefit that can really make an impact on the person's buying it. Of course I can go on and on and on with everything that has to do with marketing, but this understanding of the way the human mind works really helps you understand why you need that third party endorsement, why you want to have.

[00:40:27] So we are very, very lucky. Here's another little secret. Our channel is called top rated. And I remember facing them. You know, when I'm talking to them in the meeting, we had an exciting, well, our company is called top rating. Our videos should be called by the way we said our company is called Amazon top traded because what I did many, many years ago before I got a, a, the letter from Amazon, did I have to shut it up?

[00:40:49] Was I bought the domain name, Amazon top So I own the domain top of I was very naive. I didn't think too much. I'm like, Hey, that's such a strong name because. If you click on Amazon top wave in Google, the first result is the Amazon top rated product page in Amazon. And the second result is mine,

[00:41:09] So that was an easy way of saying, Hey, our company's name is Amazon top rated and they gave us this channel name. And for the first year I kid you not for the first year now it's not allowed. Nobody can get that. Of course not for the first year, our channel on Amazon live, what's called Amazon top rated.

[00:41:27] Can you imagine that? But then after a year we get a call and they're saying, okay guys, um, we got a request from app there. You have to remove the word Amazon, um, from your channel. Um, and that's when our challenge pitch from Amazon tablet rated just simply top rated, uh, and nobody else will get it just because we were the pioneers and we're so powerful.

[00:41:47] We are the only separated and can only imagine how powerful this is. So for the brands who actually have that. Those videos, let's say using our service, they're getting such a big benefit out of it because we are streaming a live show and it's called and their product is featured in a live show right now that is happening on Amazon.

[00:42:07] And one of the hosts is talking about how discover is a top rated cover. For the people at home, they don't really say, okay, that's a channel and that's like a third party. No, for them, Amazon are doing a live show right now about this specific product and it's alive and it's a top credit product and they can say in our car sale and it shows all these like top rated products and you have that top rated logo.

[00:42:29] Keep on spinning there on the video, keeps on spinning, spinning, spinning. That's a very powerful mind defense effect on the person. So we can imagine why the conversions go up. Hi, I go upper and you know, increase. So I think that to have a live show. Yes, that's a definite yes. To get a live show on Amazon as a brand.

[00:42:52] I would hesitate here, even though we are experimenting with a few brands trying to stream on their behalf, on their own brand account. We see something interesting. We see that Amazon are not letting them get the exposure that we get as an influencer channel. And in the past few months, Amazon opened up the, their Amazon life platform to hundreds of new influencers, which is very hard to get to them.

[00:43:17] But we are because we're the first ones in the pioneers. They come to us. So we get a lot of people contact, contacting us, uh, asking for advice, asking for questions. And we see a lot of their own data. So we learnt so much from the process. So, you know, the Amazon are giving us as influence with such a big ability to reach thousands, thousands of yours on Amazon, because we're able to show our videos in all these placements in all those product pages and those, some of the products that we highlight our best-selling products that are getting hundreds of thousands of views.

[00:43:47] So you can imagine. The amount of use. We get them to get over 1 million views every month for viewers and we sell products worth over a quarter million dollars just for our sellers. Now they don't let us see the exact sales per product. And we're also very limited in, I'll tell you why, because when you have that Amazon top rated video streaming on your product page, you need appears underneath.

[00:44:09] Your main pictures and your bullets, bam, you see that big Stream of an Amazon live product that highlights your product before you live in sea salt together with people who saw that also, so that people about this also, but no, we see a strip with a live show, top rated, spinning. I'm talking about us. I mean, other people that post as well, but in all these products, It gives you so much authority.

[00:44:32] The product conversions are through the roof. So we see that from our own clicks, people that see our product on Amazon live platform, on other products, on other related products that we appear on and they click on the product. We see that click Amazon are giving us that information and they show us how many views we got, how many people un-muted our views, how many people clicked on that.

[00:44:54] And also how much money generate it from people who clicked on that. So we know that, but we don't know. The traffic and conversions that your product got just by going to your product organically or using PPC. So we asked ourselves, Hey guys, can you send us that information? So we can compare a month to a month.

[00:45:12] We want to see what happened last month. What happened this month, when you were doing the lax and we see beautiful things. So we see an increase of, you know, if it's a very bad performing product, we see an increase of like 5% in there. Either conversions, if it's a great product, there's 20, 30, some products even show 50% growth just because of that Amazon live.

[00:45:30] And also we ask them to take a look at the PPC campaigns and in the PPC campaigns, we asked them only for two, two points of information, the clicks and the sales, that's it. We don't want to know the echoes, the impressions. We don't care because what we care about is how many people will reach the product, like clicking the list.

[00:45:46] And how many people purchased and over there, we'll see amazing growth. Why? Because during those few hours that people are buying on Amazon, let's say from 9:00 AM, till 9:00 PM, there's 12 hours. We have our show playing on their stream, on their product for one hour. And during that hour we showed their product and we show a bunch of other products, but it doesn't matter.

[00:46:06] Because the people who get, who came to that listing during that stream time, and they saw that this product is featured as a top rated product on Amazon, they will not go to another product. Well, not even go back to the search results. Why should they, Amazon are doing a live show right now, showcasing this product.

[00:46:22] It's a must have. It's not even a question and that's when they purchase the product. So we see a huge increase in sales for people who actually see those Amazon live shows. So we understand from that list, that Amazon is an amazing platform that livestreaming in general is sticking over the world, literally taking over the world.

[00:46:42] And there's no, it makes a lot of rational sense to understand why Jeff Bezos is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in this platform. And everybody else are trying to do it. They see Facebook are doing it. YouTube are doing it, but they want to bring the traffic to Amazon. We don't want to have an influencers on YouTube talking about a product, how good it is, and then people have to click and they can go to a Google shop or go to that shop or to a wall or to a Shopify shop.

[00:47:07] No, we wanted this to happen in our platform. So people can literally click on the product and buy this product. So this is, this is where it's going. Now, when we understand how it's going there, now we need to really maximize the potential of this tool. And as a brand, we can either try to do it ourselves, which will generate sales.

[00:47:22] And I say to everybody do this, but you will see that you're not getting a lot of views. Unfortunately, you're getting a few, a hundred views per video, uh, on like influencers or unlike us that are getting thousands or tens of thousands of views. And, and. And the reason is because Amazon wants you to pay money for that.

[00:47:38] And that's, that's really unfortunate. So they say, Hey, if they're a brand, let us get money from their lives. So when you go to the brand, app, there's an option that's called boost this live stream. So, and that's the reason why they keep on not showing you to other people and keeping your reach very low, because they want you to pay money.

[00:47:59] Which is not what happens with us influencers, which they want us to get the, the attention because they see that we generate so much money in sales. You know, we generate so much money for them. So we, we make a lot of money. So we get the reach and Amazon brands need to pay money to get that reach.

[00:48:15] And that money is not worth it eventually because, um, the minimum pay the minimum pay. You have the Amazon live app. And of course I'm not even talking about having to have a, you know, a studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars of camera equipment studio out your special microphone slides. And it's crazy.

[00:48:33] I can't even start talking about it. We have three studios here, so I can tell you that it's always better to have someone who's a professional, doing it for you. When you go and you create a new show and you have to create a thumbnail for that show. And once you create that thumbnail, you go and you had your adding the products and it's one product at a time.

[00:48:49] So you have to type in the product, search it added to the, to the app. You have to schedule the show. You have to, um, to set it up that you can either use the phone. To stream live, or you can connect it to us an entire system. Like we have an entire studio and then you have the option to boost your stream.

[00:49:05] So you're not going to do it. You know, you're going to do it once, twice. You see, you're getting a hundred viewers here, a hundred viewers there, you see it's generating one cell or two cells. And you're like, okay, I want to do this. So you have to click the boost, this live stream. And the minimum price for boosting a live stream is $100 for one.

[00:49:21] And it immediately shows you it's 200. You can go down to a hundred where they started showing you like 200 recommended, I wasted money for now. I mean, for now it might, it might be amazing eventually, but for now, think about these people doing a show every day and they want to do a show every day and they have to spend that a hundred dollars every day.

[00:49:38] That's like what? $500 for five days of streaming. And we as a studio, we are, we're trying to keep it at a minimum, minimum minimum, because we're not making money from it. It's just like a service right now because we want to grow and become the biggest and the best for like the next few years as it explodes.

[00:49:55] So we're talking like 99 bucks. To sh to, to stream every day for like a week. So, so you understand that it doesn't even make sense to do it yourself. If you can use a professional company like us. Um, but then again, for products, we're not converting. Don't even do it. Don't use us. Don't use this. Don't do it because you are wasting time energy.

[00:50:15] If you're using actors camera and all that stuff, you're just wasting their time. Why? Because alive swim will only happen, live for the duration of that life. And if your product will not know how to convert those views into sales, then you just lost money. So if you have a good converting product and it's already converting and you want to get more reach and get more people and make people understand that this book is the best and not just a slogan, because it can ask the person who is alive on that video and tell him, Hey, can you tell me about this product?

[00:50:47] If it's not that. And then there, there you have it. So, so this isn't yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna speed up and answer it some, uh, ask you some other questions here, um, regarding what kind of problems opportunities do you see Amazon sellers having in 2021, the issues that they're going to be facing problems and, or, and opportunities.

[00:51:14] So, um, I, I didn't, I never think about it too much. It's a great question. I mean, it's a really wonderful question, but, um, I think that, um, um, if I'm looking at Amazon and in seeing the things that are happening, then we know that Amazon are making it harder and harder for sellers to achieve certain goals.

[00:51:32] Uh, I think that, uh, one of the things that I see a lot lately with my, with the people that I work with is a lot, has to do with the warehousing, right. Howard, the, the, the problem with all these, um, Storage and warehousing and accepting, you know, uh, pallets and shipments. And, uh, also, um, the, the issues of, of, you know, delayed, uh, shipment acceptance for the, for the warehouses and, and limiting you on how many products you can ship out and all that stuff.

[00:51:59] But as much as this is like one of the biggest challenges that we are facing right now. And it's crazy. Like it's literally crazy that someone who's selling 5,000 units a month is only allowed to ship in a hundred units, you know? No, it's just, it doesn't make sense. And Amazon keep on testing all these things because you know, they have specific limited amounts of storage in their warehouses.

[00:52:20] What they have actually sells. But this brings us to the opportunities. So, you know, this is just one example, but let's take it not as an example, but as a metaphor for the entire Amazon platform that keeps on giving you challenges, fun challenges upon challenges and challenges, and it never ends. We know it literally never ends.

[00:52:41] And when someone wakes up in the morning with an idea, this idea that the, implementing the platform create a domino effect on everything in Amazon. So things are rapidly changing. And I think that that's an opportunity because when we hear about a challenge that is happening, we know that a lot of people are not going to make it.

[00:53:03] A lot of people are not going to make it. And that brings us back to the mentality of, um, of an entrepreneur, not even an Amazon seller, but an entrepreneur, someone who has a vision who wants to succeed, who looks at the end of the day as a game. That is a work that is a job that you come in the morning and you're trying to, to work.

[00:53:22] And then you, and you and everybody say hustle, hustle. Yeah. Hustle. But, but that's another thing because you want to, because you have to hustle because of the passion that runs in your blood. This is when you can really make a difference. This is where you can really grow in and expand your business and leverage it into, into different Heights because you understand that, Hey, this challenge.

[00:53:44] It's a growing pain. It's a growing challenge. It's it's, you know, it means that if we will prevail will be better than not us. We will be the ones who are actually, you know, making it, making it happen. So this is, uh, so this is where, this is the biggest thing for us to understand it. Every time it's something happens, which is not good for us, let's take a look at it from a different angle and say, okay, How is this actually good for us?

[00:54:13] What can we do that other people will not do? And let's get back to the example. Okay. So there's an example. We have a problem with warehousing. Amazon are limiting us from shipping stuff, into where, to the warehouses, Hey, let's create our own warehouse. Now. Not a lot of people can do that. Not only people people can get a 10,000 square feet warehouse in New Jersey or in Las Vegas or no, but Hey, We have a mastermind.

[00:54:41] We working with Howard. We know a lot of people in the mastermind. We have our in secret rechecks group chat. Let's get a few people that have the passion that can think outside of the box and say, wait. So we have, I have 10 pallets a month, a month. This guy has 12 pallets. This guy has five. Let's get five people, 10 people, 15 people in our mastermind group.

[00:55:04] And let's evaluate how much space we need for those 30, 40, 50 pallets. Wait, I spent $2,000 a month on storage. I paid 1000. I paid $500. All of us together. It's like 10, 20, $30,000 a month. We can rent their own warehouse. We can pay $5,000 a month to a warehouse manager to be there except. Think outside of the box, say, Hey, I don't want to rely on other people.

[00:55:28] I want to do something to grow my business and be able to scale it and not be like stuck somewhere. So I'm just giving you an example. I'm not telling everybody, Hey guys, go open your own warehouse, but I'm showing you a concept. I'm showing you a, a mythology methodology of thinking differently when something happens to you, this is not a problem.

[00:55:48] It's a challenge. Let's solve that challenge. Awesome. That's amazing. Amazing answering. So last question I have for tea for you is obviously you have a tremendous amount of experience working with Amazon on several different of their platforms, but what three to five topics do you think you could speak about at this actual event that will wow.

[00:56:07] People and really have them talking about it for the next couple months. So,  so absolutely I can talk a lot about video because this is what we're doing right now. It can talk about the Amazon live, um, uh, platform or live stream, eh, uh, for sure I can talk about the mindset, which is something that is, you know, a never ending thing, a mindset of a seller.

[00:56:28] Uh, that's obvious. But, um, but I think that there's a two, I'll give two more topics, one or two more topics, uh, that they can come up because they did, uh, do lectures about it before and people went. Uh, you know, go went crazy. Uh, and one of them is, uh, is the creative aspect of selling your product, like how to create content that actually sells to the right person.

[00:56:51] So understanding the psychology of selling a product online. Okay. That, that would be a very interesting topic that I did before and also understanding the one most important thing of, uh, of creating a brand. Because the thing that I started preaching. On day one when we were sitting just seven people and one of my friend was making $2 million a month selling on Amazon and he sold his business just a few months ago, uh, for a lot, a lot of money.

[00:57:17] And he told me when he sold that business, he said the only thing I kept on hearing in my head, when I, when I made that sale is you preaching to me? I don't know. It was like six, seven years ago. Turn your store into a brand. I kept on telling, you know, why I have this bug, that, that product. Can you tell him so good that I'm making so much money?

[00:57:37] It's like a market. It's like a flea market. Just get all these products since seldom, if I would do what you told me, if I would just add a brand and create some kind of a following in a group and Facebook and an email list and newsletters. If I would do that, I would get another zero. And, uh, in selling my, uh, my account today.

[00:57:55] So, you know, it just shows you that when you're doing something right, I knew that from day one and they kept on telling you to everybody and I really understand branding and how to create a run. So that could be also a great topic. So thinking about it, we can talk about video. We can talk about live streaming.

[00:58:08] We can talk about marketing. We can talk about mindset. We can talk about, um, uh, the, uh, uh, Brand or the one secret that, you know, will change your, your product from just being a product, to being a brand. Um, and let's hear what you guys think, who would, you know, or mastermind our people think, and we'll, we'll figure it out.

[00:58:27] We'll make sure that it's going to be a fascinating and as being some wisdom to the table. Awesome. Amazing. Hopefully you can do one of your magic tricks on that show. I'm sure a lot of people would absolutely love that. Yeah. Amazing. So how we, any last words on your end for Yhonnie before we say goodbye here and give people more information on how they can find out more about PPE 3.0 yeah.

[00:58:49] Ehud has a lot more stuff. You have me and him talked a lot. So, uh, there's a lot of stuff underneath his sleeves that he hasn't talked about. And I will probably talk, we'll probably talk aboutthat, uh, on our mastermind, but also another thing is that, um, We actually confirmed with our, our us, one of our speakers.

[00:59:09] We're going to have a nine figure seller coming on, uh, for PPE 3.0, which is a, I think $150 million. Right? Yeah, absolutely. So that's pretty exciting. So that's all I have to say. I mean, he was only guys know how he's a man of few words until you get him with his best friend, Don Julio. So remember that when you're live, bring a bottle, Don Julio, get some shots out and you will see the hurricane, how we come out.

[00:59:34] That's what I like to call him as a he's pretty wild and the secret starts to roll out. Hopefully I know Howie loves to bring it. I'll make sure. Yes. I'm Don Julio for PPE 3.0, which is coming up in the middle of February. Now, how can we, we do have those dates. I believe the dates confirmed for PPE 3.0, let me just double check.

[00:59:53] I don't want to give anybody wrong dates, but I believe it's the 15th and 16th of February. There's no way to rock president's date in the USA, like a PPE 3.0, which I am fired up about. And we've got a ton of tremendous sellers, including a nine figure seller per year, which. Again, we keep bringing the heat and these guys are delivering at the last event, PPE 2.0, we had Patrick, which was a tremendous, he gave out a ton of great information.

[01:00:19] And the one before that we had another seller. I there's just been so many sellers, how we act was Travis. Of course, there’s Chavez to Killian. Kilian just absolutely killed it. He crushed his speech and this time's going to be no different. As you heard, he has a lot to share particularly about Amazon live.

[01:00:36] And I know a lot of you probably. Wanting to learn more about that since it's innovative, he's been a pioneer and he's been probably the number one streamer on Amazon. So how exciting is that now to get more information about Amazon, how he's Amazon PPE 3.0 event head on over. I've got the URL here. We know what that I was butcher it.

[01:00:56] So I've got it written down. It's PPE the number three to find out more information about that event. Now, remember we do have early bird pricing going on right now, which means you get 50% off. So you pay the absolute same price. The previous mastermind attendees have paid in the past.

[01:01:13] And like I said, now is the time to sign up as you will not only listen to a nine figure seller, but you'll also. Listen to several talented people, just like he had several more, which will be featured in upcoming professor's podcasts. So again, I'm super fired up about that. Go to, the number three.

[01:01:33] And other than that, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you Howie, as usual for hosting this. I look forward to getting more words out of how we, even if I have to personally send him a bottle of Don Julio out there and to get the real hurricane, how we. And the secrets flowing out, just like we love him to give us so guys, it was tremendous.

[01:01:52] I thank you so much for the time. Again, and we'll see you on the next interview. See you soon, guys. Thank you so much. Welcome to the Professors Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies to massively improve the reach and bottom line of your business in the current virtual and economic landscape.

[01:02:13] Your host Howard Thai generates over $5 billion for his clients annually using innovative tactics, both on and off Amazon.